Theirøm Hold

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Theirøm Hold

Post by Mister Vasili on Sun Apr 30, 2017 2:57 pm

The Hold

Theirom Hold is the third established hold of the Beoldred on Astrica. When it was Established, Astrica was still expanding, being some distance from the hold. The Beoldred were content with the land they had claimed and developed it for years, from the forests, Theirom Hold earned the majority of the lumber for the Beoldred people and produced the most amount of ships making Theirom an important military asset to the collective Beoldred Holds. It was because of this that the most amount of Huscarls, for many decades resided in Theirom and only the most militarily competent Earls were able to ascend to the rank of Jarl. The Beoldred presence was devastating to local Orcs and helped to pave the way of Astrican expansion in the area. Today, the hold openly trades with Astrica and Khuril to the north.


The two main portions of the Hold are the coasts and the forests. The Coasts are well developed having much of the forest cleared out and the land developed. Major Towns and dot the coastline all connected by stone roads. From these stone roads branch dirt roads that lead into the forests. Small hamlets and villages dot the forest, these villages produce the lumber, meats, hides and other resources to be refined at the towns. At the borders of the Hold lie the old Huscarl posts that these days are mostly used as warehouses for traded goods.

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