Weapons inbound (Melee)

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Weapons inbound (Melee)

Post by Scout on Thu Apr 27, 2017 11:01 am

These are the melee weapons I've been capable of making and I am still in the process of making, to be completed today.

Iron Sword (all tiers)
Steel Sword (all tiers)
Steel Short Sword (all tiers)
Steel Great Sword (all tiers)
Steel Warhammer (all tiers)
Steel Mace (all tiers)
Steel Spear (all tiers)
Steel Daggers (all tiers) (throwable)
Steel Halberd (all tiers)
Steel War Axes (all tiers)
Steel Battle Axes (all tiers)
5 Guns that will be revealed later (all tiers)
Crossbow (all tiers)
Long Bow (all tiers)
Elven Bow (all tiers)

I have plans to release many many more weapons including enchanted ones, but this list is likely the list of weapons that will be available for our launch this Sunday.

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