Timeline [HEAVY WIP]

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Timeline [HEAVY WIP]

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***Temp notice, the Veterian Empire has been renamed to the Empire of Atheara (pronounced AT-HEAR-YE-A) because Veterian is fucking dumb and you knew it. This is usually seen as Athearan Empire, the nation itself is Atheara

Unknown - 10,000,000 BC

• Aldron appears.

Unknown - 5,000,000 BC

• The star Bodhan is created.
• The planet Bodhan Tralev is created.
• The planet Bodhan Sylvar is created.
• The planet Bodhan Hewona is created.
• The planet Bodhan Torr is created.
• The Alderfurn are created.

~ 4,500,000 BC

• The first elves are created. They inhabit the region of Askus in Astrica, on Bodhan Torr. They are of very fair skin, with white hair. They dominate their surroundings.

~ 4,000,000 BC

• The first subspecies of elves appear. They inhabit Atakoman Desert. They are of tanner skin, with blonde and brown hair. They dominate their surroundings.
• A species of slightly smaller elves appear on Igrora. They have pale skin and deep brown eyes with hair of the same color. 
• The elves of Askus identify themselves as Alemer, meaning the only ones in their tongue. 
• The first town on Astrica to reach 1,000 inhabitants is Durothril. The Alemer make up for 40% of the population of Astrica at this time. 

~ 3,500,000 BC
• A subspecies of elves appear out of the marshlands of Otresh in Astrica. With shorter ears and darker skins, they are distinction different from the rest of the elven. 
• A great storm occurs, wiping out all of the eastern coast of Meridiem. 
• The Alemer continue to expand, now conquering the region East Abrax. Durothril reaches 50,000 people.
• The elves of the Atakoman desert identify themselves as the Adamar, or the chosen ones in their tongue. They are informally known as the High Elves.
• The Adamarian city of Folwin reaches 10,000 inhabitants. 
• A species of elves with very dark skin appear on the edges of Mount Trymoc. They have extremely long ears and incredibly dark skin. 
• Mt. Trymoc erupts.

~ 2,000,000 BC

• The Alemer elves conquer West Abrax, annihilating an unknown tribe of elves. This is the first instance of large scale war on Astrica, estimating 50,000 dead in the conflict.
• The Anekoians appear in Eblor. Large, feline beings, they quickly dominate their surroundings.
• Lizard men appear in Prayvania. They quickly begin warring on each other.
• The elves of Igrora identify themselves as Dwarves, and call themselves Narhol, meaning by the hammer in their tongue.

~ 1,000,000 BC

• Aldron creates the continent of Shogax.
• The first elves appear on Shogax. They are notably taller, have longer hair and sharp eyes. 
• The elves identify themselves as the Zandarr, meaning the ones of courage in their tongue.
• The Narhol construct a grand tower, known as the Tower of Dhroturmal, a monument to their architectural success.
• The elves of the Otresh Marshlands identify themselves as Nuvians, meaning the ones of the swamp in their tongue. They are informally known as the Marsh Elves.

~ 500,000 BC

• A species of elves appear far from the rest, out of the great forests of Vuspuonoa. They are of fair skin and have brown hair. They quickly begin to protect their new home.
• Durothril reaches one million inhabitants. The Alemar proclaim themselves the Alemar Empire.
• Folwin reaches 500,000 inhabitants. The High Elves proclaim themselves the Holy Fidemin Empire
• The Nuvians begin to form houses that rule over different sectors of their territory.

~ 100,000 BC

•  The Wanageeski appear. They begin to form underground colonies, digging miles of tunnels.

•  The Creatsiessi appear. They begin to reproduce, reaching over a million of their kind in record time.
•  The Nuvian Civil War occurs, a war between two great houses. This leaves the nation of elves in shambles.
•  The Nuvians officially drop all forms of greater government. Now, smaller governments control each sector, officially forming the Nuvian Collective.

~ 10,000 BC

• The Alemar wage way on the Creatsiessi for the region of Usnigton. The war does not end favorable for the Alemar, it is the first war that has left them defeated. At this time, the Creatsiessi population was nearing a billion.
• The elves of the deep forests of Vuspuonoa identify themselves as Ruvenian, meaning the ones of nature in their tongue. The first Prime Elf is selected, officially beginning the Ruvenian Empire.

9,521 BC

• The first Great Gathering occurs. A representative from every elf nation is sent to the city of Durothril. There, an alliance is born between all nations of elf, known as the Pact of Durothril. At this time, a caste system of elves is created.
 - Alemar elves are at the top of the caste. 
 - High Elves are at the second tier of the caste.
 - The Wood Elves are at the third tier of the caste.
 - The Marsh Elves are at the fourth tier of the caste.
 - The Dark Elves are at the bottom of the caste.
This caste system was said to determine the weight of opinions and statements. According to the Alemar, it was determined by how long an elf species was on Bodhan Torr. This is not true.
• The Anekoians form the Anekoian Empire. The Alemar would wage war with them, but it would be to no avail, ending in a stalemate after the deaths of 24,000 Alemar and 18,000 Anekoians.
• The Creatisessi begin to deploy potions and concoctions to control their birth rate.

8,000 BC

• Aldron creates Man.
• The first men appear in the region of Aclos. 
• The High Elves discover Men, they bring the news to the Alemar. The Alemar order the High Elves to dispatch a team to destroy the "abominations"
• The High Elves do as commanded. Their team kills two hundred men before returning home. A second team is deployed, however this time, the humans ambush the elves. The High Elves lose 50 of their best warriors to the human warriors. The human warriors take their armor and weapons, and begin to reverse engineer them. A memoir of the ambush can be found here [Link to be added later.]

7,996 BC
• Saelus is born.

• The Aratans become the first human tribe, created in the same region of Aclos.
• The first humans appear Spierheil, they are of dark complexion. 
• The first humans appear in Shogax. They have lighter complexion with sharp eyes. 
• The first humans appear in Igrora, they have light brown skin complexion and green eyes.

7,975 BC

• Saelus, now twenty, leads the first attack on the elves in human history. He raids a High Elven town with four hundred men against eight hundred elves. Saelus burns the town to the ground, leaving nothing behind.

7,973 BC

• Bhyrindaar is born.
• The Alemar Empire expands to the region of Spierheil, where they meet humans. The Alemar decide to befriend these humans.
• Aratans begin to migrate east.
• The Junian Empire becomes the largest empire of man on Bodhan Torr, on the Shogax continent.
• Explorer Huli Nuvile is born.
• Saelus begins his infamous raids. Known as the ‘Raids of Terror’ to elvenkind, and the ‘Rise of Man’ to mankind, within the next five years he will raid over one hundred elven villages and towns. No garrison, elf, man, or army stands strong enough to stop him during this time. Historians say over 15,000 elves are murdered during this time.

7,968 BC

•  The Battle of Hewron occurs.
•  Julianus Romulus, a young cavalry man of noble descent opposing Saelus during the Battle of Hewron, is knocked off of his horse and heavily injured.

7,963 BC

•  Saelus returns to Aratan land. He settles down and has a family with a local woman and life-long friend.
•  The Aratan people reach a peaceful resolution with all nations of Elf on Astrica through the Accords of Saelus. In these accords, the High Elves are forced to grant the Aratan people fifty years of small tribute for the damages done to mankind.

7,962 BC

•  Saelus domesticates the first dog. The dog is of the Nilvin breed, a breed known for their long coats yet keen hearing, reflexes, and hunting abilities. The dog is named Faolan, and he is well received by the village.

7,960 BC

•  Julianus Romulus abandons his small tribe of Lackogia. He takes a number of the nobleman and yeomen and head south.

7,959 BC

•  Faolan has puppies.

7,958 BC

•  Julianus establishes a new tribe in the great taiga of Prayvania. He wages war with two local tribes, and subjugates them under his rule.

7,955 BC

•  Julianus dominates and seizes control of twelve more tribes by this time.
•  The Athearan Empire is formed by Julianus Romulus, its first Emperor. It encompasses over fifteen different tribes with a capital city of Famor, with about fifteen thousand residents.

7,845 BC

• The men of Spierhiel identify themselves as the Yekem Dominion.
• The Vetarian Empire now encompasses over twenty five different tribes. The capital city grows to eighty five thousand residents, it is the fastest growing city in Astrica. It is the largest human power at this time.

7,805 BC

• The Athearan Empire launches a siege of Mount Trymouc, killing thousands of Dark Elves. During the siege, a Second Great Gathering is called. In this indecisive meeting, the Wood Elves and Marsh Elves walk out of when the High Elves demand they declare war against the Athearan Empire.
• The High Elves declare war against the Athearan Empire, pledging support to the Dark Elves.
• The Athearan Empire forms a unique Legion known as “Legio Auro Venatores” - roughly translating to Elf Hunters

7,804 BC

• The Battle of Dospie occurs, the first large scale battle of established human and elf empires. The Athearan Empire pulls a decisive victory against their High Elf enemies.
• The Athearan pull their siege of Mount Trymouc, leaving the Dark Elves alone. They now focus their war effort against the High Elves
• Yekemians solidify their borders, the entire coast of South Eastern Meridiem, naming the region Spierheil.  

more to be added later

435 AC

• The events of our server begin.

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Re: Timeline [HEAVY WIP]

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