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Beoldred Military

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Elite Beoldred

A Beoldred Earl in full battle armor

Elite Beoldred is the class of Beoldred warrior who rule their holds and in times of war, lead their men into battle and/or fight on their peoples behalf. This class of Warrior is filled by Earls who serve under their Jarl. Earls will act as commanders leading formations of their warband of Huscarls. Many times, lesser Earls with no Huscarls will band together in their own small formation, making a huge impact with a small amount of men.

Professional Warriors

Sketch of a Beoldred Huscarl by an Elven scholar

Most Beoldred are first Craftsmen, Farmers etc. who become Warriors when the time for a raid has come or when the time is needed. Some choose to be Warriors by trade. These men are known as Huscarls, sworn retinue of Noble and Honorable Earls or Jarls. Huscarls have a fierce love and devotion to their Jarl or Earl but most importantly, to their Hold. Huscarls are heavily Armored and Equipped, because where a Farmer invests in a plow to increase the yield of their farm, a Huscarl invests in a solid iron shaft for their Axe so that it never breaks. Huscarls also train daily as their profession and make most of their own gold through Raiding or questing with their Lord or on their own.

Citizen Warriors

A Beoldred Blacksmith wears his families ancestral helm and chainmail on a raid

On the Auroran Islands, every day was a fight for survival and as such every Beoldred was a warrior. This tradition carries on to this day. Every Beoldred has some degree of Martial skill and every family has ancient equipment such as swords, axes and armor that they cherish and care for as they pass it through generations. When the time is needed to fight, a farmer is eager to turn his plowshares into swords, especially when it is for profitable raid. Beoldred people are skilled with sword and bow, though many of the archers are comprised of women as it is the safest place for them on the battlefield. A horde of Beoldred raiders is formidable against any army in defense and contend-able in the offence.
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