Beoldred History

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Beoldred History

Post by Mister Vasili on Fri Apr 21, 2017 5:55 am

On the shores of the Northern Islands, life was a constant battle of survival. A land of Dire animals whose eyes glow red and are driven by a thirst for blood, whose hide is stronger than iron. Where furthest North in eternally frozen lands, accursed Frost Leviathans lay in Frozen slumber. A land of constant blizzards, blinding a frozen landscape of rolling hills covered deep in Snow, where only to the far south at the Southern Coast could any human life find refuge. Here is where the Beoldred hail.


According to their own legends, the Beoldred people were put there by the true God, the All-Father Gleann, otherwise known as Aldron, as a test of ability to live and prosper in such a savage land. The fact that the Beoldred people survived such a place tells them that they are the chosen warriors and people of the All-Father and live as a dominant race of man in their own right. They hunted the dire animals and wore their hides as a symbol of their dominance over life on the Islands. The Beoldred people lived as tribes based on island and through their societal trade, they perfected the crafting of the longship able to split the open sea and navigate rivers. The tribes rarely warred with each other but were fiercely competitive, despite their fierce spirits they lived in peace until the cataclysm of their age approached. A seer warned the people that the terror of the far North slowly moved south, a great Blizzard inched its way to the coast and in the eye of the storm was the great Frost Leviathan, said to devour all life on the Islands. It grew apparent that the tribes would have to move before they were consumed by the coming Great Blizzard. Some thought the ice to be their next challenge from the all father, some took it as a sign to leave. These opinions quickly grew zealotry and already growing rivalry spelled war between tribes at the worst possible time.

The end of the Beoldred would have been an event that occurred hundreds of years ago and would have been remembered by none if it were not for one man. Legendary Warrior Vikarr Gunnyr. In their most trying times, Vikarr took all the warriors of his Tribe and would pioneer and utilize the most famous tactic the Beoldred use today, the lightning raid. He used stealth to get close to the enemy tribes then rushed into the longhouses killing not the people but their chieftains and claiming rulership over all the rest. He did this to every tribe, uniting the Beoldred under one banner in only three months time.

After becoming ruler of all Beoldred and proclaiming himself 'First Jarl' Vikarr ordered every resource on the island be reaped, sparing no time to replant anything. When everything was Harvested, a grand fleet was built, cannibalizing even the structures of the old villages. While the people built the fleet, Vikarr took his warriors to claim the greatest resource from the Island that the Beoldred have today, the dire animals. The taming of the animals was an extremely dangerous endeavor but the warriors undertook it gladly. From the great taming, Vikarr named the first of the Elite Beoldred, the strongest of the tribes. Those who tamed the most animals became Jarls, followed by the second best in competition who would become Earls and finally followed by the third tier of the competition who became Huscarls serving those above.

When the warriors returned from the Great Taming, bringing their dire animals with them, the Grand Fleet was built. So the Beoldred embarked upon their ships travelling south, looking back to the Blizzard swallowing the coast and hearing the distant roar of the great Leviathan.

A Huscarl takes part in the Great Taming

Discovery and Settlement

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