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(Astrican Hound)
Description: Many peaceful dogs (unlike wolves) roam the countryside. A common breed of dog is the Astrican Hound, they sport light short coats and are excellent war dogs. They are fierce some, aggressive, and loyal to their masters. They make for excellent attack dogs and look outs.

(Yekem Hunter)
Another common breed is the Yekem Hunter, pictured above. They are shaggy, long haired dogs with white or brown coats. They make for excellent trackers and look outs. These dogs can be tamed and be of great use to any adventurer.

The Canoon is a common race of dog raised in Elven society. They are quick, intelligent, and resourceful. While they might not have the raw strength of the human breeds, they are typically faster and outright smarter dogs, capable of more complex tasks.

The sale of dog meat and pelts is illegal in Astrica!

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