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Description: Vampires are cunning, manipulative, and secretive. Cursed with Monstri Sanguis which is either contracted by another vampire or cursed upon them by [Placeholder], they are forever bounded by the thirst of blood. In their normal state, they may be able to blend into society, appearing as a normal, functional citizen. It can be noted that direct sunlight causes continuous pain to a vampire, and weakens him greatly, however, they are able to survive it, and if they are strong enough, even appear as if nothing is wrong. At night, a vampire thrives, it hunts, it preys. They may choose to only drink some blood from a victim, or they may slaughter them, drain their corpses of blood, and not have to feed for a few weeks from the feast. Vampires enjoy increased strength, speed, stamina, and all other physical abilities heightened. It is rumored that their senses are brought to super-human levels, and their intelligence skyrockets. Vampires become immortal to old age and immune to disease, and they can only be killed with a wooden stake through the heart. Vampires, in their normal state, can live long and relatively peaceful lives if they so choose.  However, there is a notorious stage of vampirism that is triggered by desperation. Simply referred to as the "Ira" stage, a vampire will show its true form. He will transform into a pale, blood-shot eyed creature. His teeth will form into monstrous rows of teeth, and his strength and physique will reach its peak levels. Their eyes become violently slanted upwards, their pupils become dark as the night sky, and their grow long, sharp nails that could tear through nearly any armor. This stage is often triggered when a vampire is cornered, and has no other hope of escaping a situation. In this stage, vampires can easily tear through a platoon of armed men. Once this stage is activated, the vampire can never return to its previous stage. Sunlight now kills it slowly, resulting in Ira stage vampires being confined to the night. 

Strengths: Increase in all physical abilities, super heighten senses, extremely intelligent, persuasive, cunning, very stealthy. 
Weaknesses: Direct sunlight suppresses many of their abilities.

(A vampire in Ira stage.)

Ira Stage Strengths: Previous strength increased by ten fold, previous senses increased by ten fold.
Ira Stage Weaknesses: Previous intelligence decreased to a primal state of mind, all persuasion, cunning, and stealth is loss. Direct sunlight now kills.

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