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Description: Banshees are punished and tormented women. The process of creating a banshee is long, twisted, and sickening to the average person, yet the most wicked of necromancers will partake in the creation of banshees. In order for a banshee to be created, a woman, no older than the age of twenty two, must be captured and stolen from her home. She is to be stripped of her clothes and stripped away of any sexual part of her body. The necromancer must then tie her to a tree, laying food near the eyes so that birds may peck them out. If the woman dies before this stage, the necromancy is a failure. If not, the necromancer will prepare to capture the soul of the woman, kill her, and then force the soul into the mutilated corpse that was once the young woman. This is the creation of a banshee, a trapped, tortured soul that now serves its sick master. Banshees are particularly valuable for their blood curling screams that can enduce pain and even cause madness. They are noted to be "excellent sights" for common folk as noted in captured diaries and journals of necromancers. While a scare tactic, they also can do very real damage. Entire villages may flee at the sight or scream of a banshee. The scream is unsettling, painful, and a reminder of a tormented young woman who is eternally trapped inside of a once prized body.

Strengths: Terrifying, demoralizing, long-range screams
Weaknesses: Weak, slow.

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