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Description: Werewolves are demonic beings. Werewolves were once individuals afflicted with Canem Morbus, the disease that forcefully mutates a person into a werewolf forever. The disease was to have come from [Placeholder]. Those who become werewolves are permanently stuck in the stage, never to be returned to their normal form. Werewolves are wild beasts with unmatched strength. Their claws and teeth could rip through the toughest of armor, and they could easily pick up the heaviest of men and elf alike. Werewolves travel alone and in packs. They are fearless, and cannot be killed by conventional weapons. Only a silver weapon can slay a werewolf.

Strengths: Incredible strength, incredible speed, cannot be killed from a non-silver weapon, fearless
Weaknesses: None, except for silver weapons.

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