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Description: Ulagors are demonic entities that are created out of tragedy. The first Ulagor was rumored to be an Elf by the name of Kiirion. Kirrion was said to be an extremely rich yet selfish man with a lavish lifestyle and a large family. It was said that Kiirion was punished for his greedy ways, his familiy slaughtered, his possessions burned to the ground, his riches laid to waste. He was flailed as additional punishment. Kiirion was said to have been killed by fellow villagers after being declared a demon. He was however banished from death, and bound to a life as a horrific monstrosity. Men that were killed by him were said to join him in his eternal hell. The legend of the first Ulagor, whether true or not, speaks to the horror of the demon. They are capable of appearing nearly invisible to the naked eye. Stories are told of Ulagors whispering voices of young women or children before striking. They are foretold to be able to travel at high speeds and seemingly appear at any place they please. They have claws that can rip through armor. They are strong and resilient, they cannot be killed unless a Witcher slays the demon. While non-witchers can "kill" an ulagor, it will simply come back to life minutes later.

Strengths: Illusion, nearly invisible, incredibly powerful, teleportation, extremely fast, cannot be killed unless done by a Witcher.
Weaknesses: Light, projectiles.

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