Announcement: Looking for a QA team

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Announcement: Looking for a QA team

Post by Scout on Mon Apr 17, 2017 2:48 pm

With the development team becoming much more organized and using professional systems to direct our efforts, we have decided to look for a QA team, quality assurance. 

What do we expect out of a QA team member?

We expect for QA team members to be honest and efficient. They should be able to get onto the server, find a problem and say 'This is not quality' or 'This can be improved'. They are the forefront of bug and glitch finding to ensure that the server runs as effectively as possible. They will place a ticket within our coding system so that the next time the development team meets (Which is weekly) they can address the tickets placed forth by the QA members, and get to work on them, in addition to their own projects.

What should a QA team member expect from us?

The QA members should expect only the best out of EUPRP and it's development team. The QA's number one goal is to push forth real problems so that they can be fixed in a timely manner. If a QA member ignores problems, even minor ones, they are failing themselves and the server. All problems can be reported so that they can be looked over, addressed, and assigned to a development member.

How can you become a QA member?

The slots are limited for a QA team, so message Scout if you're interested.

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