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High elves, specifically the Fidemin, are a breed of Elf that typically see themselves as more fitting or superior to other beings, hence the name. It is rare for humble individuals of this race to exist. They are fearless warriors - who fight to prove their place in their society. They typically seek to dominate other races and have been known to often use slaves and indentured servants. As with most Elves, they have long, peak-pointed ears, and long, skinny features. Lanky figure and above average (compared to men) height are also normal feature for the Fidemin elves. The Fidemin are strangely fair skinned for coming from a desert, but have evolved over time to survive without food and water for moderately longer than other sentient races. They do not need to eat or drink nearly as often, but do eat and drink alot when they do. Their gold and gold-tinted armor is often adorned with red gemstones of spiritual value. The armor itself's shape compliments the elves' figures, and are forged for their user. As such, the armor is not standardized and relatively expensive compared to other armors.

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