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Post by Kravis on Sat Apr 15, 2017 11:41 pm

Dhargs are the largest, strongest, and smartest of all orcs in Astrica. They tower over men and elves alike, and they can easily overpower them. Dhargs are the highest class of Orcs inside of an orc society - they are leaders, commanders, and war chiefs. While small in numbers, Dhargs make up 95% of the orc’s elite forces. They never turn from battle - and are well known to kill disobedient orcs with their bare hands.


The Dhargs typically stand around 6'5-7ft tall, They have fair features compared to their brethren, They have round, cautious eyes with long or short ears. They have a large muscular structure and have thicker bone structure than the Borugs, Their skulls are noticeably larger than the other Orcs, showing their signs of superior intellect. Lastly, they have four toes and five fingers.

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