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The only biological information came from a historical account taken by several traders who left from the kingdom of the South, Those men strayed from the roads and became lost in the mountains nearby. What they found was a brutish being, standing nearly 6'5ft. Who's skin appeared hard as stone, with his eyes as piercing as a spear. The being, later known as a Torgian, had orange eyes, sharp teeth, and small noses, Nearly pressed against their face, They had clamy, white/grey skin with hard carapiece dotting their skin. They were observed with a rather large structure, hinting that their bone structure may be thicker than most races. They could assume the Torg was a male by his bone structure and facial appearance, As well as the thickness of his voice. Their voice sounded deep and gruntal, with power behind every word spoken. He wore armor that appeared to be made from harden, red leather and iron. The men were lead out of the mountains by the being, and were told to never come back.


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