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Post by Scout on Thu Mar 30, 2017 4:31 pm

In many servers, factions are hesitant to fight each other because nobody wants to die. In some servers with permadeath, it makes you wary of firing your gun towards an enemy within a faction. They're just following orders, and most players don't want to PK another so quickly and effortlessly. With the Battlezones system, this is worked around effectively.

Battlezones work by creating a battlezone wherever two factions clash. Whether this is two patrols meeting each other, a raid, or just two factions shooting at each other, a battlezone is created. When a battlezone is created, each side will automatically get two lives. They are also able to Flee or Surrender, just as the Siege system allows. On their first death, a player has two options. He can RTB (return to base) which means they are transported back to their base as wounded - or they can stand and fight. If they decide to fight, they will be teleported back to the battlefield with minor wounds. If, however, this character dies again, this will result in a permanent death, leaving players with careful decision making. Is this battle worth winning? Can I turn the tide of this fight? 

These choices are up to the player, and the player alone.

A reminder, a player can Flee or Surrender by typing /adminhelp (choice) in chat. Similarly, they can RTB or Fight upon death. These choices will alert our admin team of your decision, and allow them to quickly and effectively make changes they need to.

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