Agron Konstanstine's File

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Agron Konstanstine's File

Post by Scout on Thu Mar 30, 2017 10:48 am



>Agron Konstanstine

Noted Document below is Personnel File.

Physical Appearance and Information

Name: Agron Konstanstine
Known Aliases:None
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Unit Ranking/Position: Leader of Kostya Station

Physical Appearance:
Agron stands at five foot and eleven inches. His hair is at a short-medium length, and is often haphazardly kept. He appears clean most of the time, having an abstinence of dirt or debris on his face. His build however is strong, and he appears to present himself confidently. He has a rough beard that grows on his face, and he is usually seen sporting a leather jacket, utility belt, dark jeans, and work boots. A British Bullup rifle, the L85, is typically slung on his back. He speaks confidently, and he seems well-composed.

Vocal Sample Tapes:

Tuvia (Daniel Craig) voice begins at 1:04


General Information
Training/Experience: Red Line Infantry Training, Formerly a Stalker
Role: Kostya Station Leader
Operational Status: Active


Known Personal Relationships.
Faction Allegiance: Kostya Station
Listed Liked Factions: [INPUT]
Listed Disliked Factions: Red Line
Listed Neutral Factions: [INPUT]
Hostile Factions:



Nala Zemyla has been a productive member of Kostya. We'll need more people like that, with rumors of Red Line activity, and this Forth Reich Stalker, we may need everyone to be prepared for us to hold our own against the Metro.

Karl Hoss is a Forth Reich stalker I met. I heard he's been travelling around the Metro. Yeah, we'll see what he does. He's got the good mannerisms of a man who's about to stab you in the back.


Zakhar M let a damned Wendigo inside of the station! If it wasn't for Tarkil -- I admit, he's done some good, but delivering a message doesn't make up for endangering my entire station. He has a lot to prove to me.


Tarkil Celekulak is my veteran stalker, and I couldn't ask for a more knowledgeable man. I no longer need to accompany the teams, I can trust him with getting what we need. That's invaluable down here in the Metro -- someone you can trust.

Sergei is one of the Spartans from the nearby outpost. I can't remember his last name, I usually just call him Ranger or Spartan anyways. He has been doing what most rangers do, helping people out. Recently he asked for me to get my stalker teams to accompany him to the surface on official orders from Polis. I declined his offer, I do not want any ties to Polis or any station such as it. I hope he understands.




Concerning Agron (Unit History)

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Re: Agron Konstanstine's File

Post by Scout on Sat Apr 01, 2017 1:13 pm

Updated relations (Sergei, Tarkil, Karl, Nala)

gonna add more when i get home cya kids later

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