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Post by Mister Vasili on Tue Mar 28, 2017 10:56 pm

Scavenging Rules

While item spawners are a thing, all scavenging individuals or parties will have to be accompanied by an admin with a capacity of event training. Reason being so people can't walk out when an admin or other players aren't on and completely avoid the risk that would accompany scavenging for supplies. While individuals can go on runs it is highly not recommended as the risk for death would be much greater because less people to watch your back and factors such as beasts that specifically target lone humans such as watchers.


When scavenging, a Stalker may come upon a Cache or room or general area of supplies that would be too numerous to carry all at once. These Caches would then be claimed much like Generators are with a factions marker, and the location could be marked with a beacon. Stations could then send larger groups of guards to make quick path strict runs to retrieve the supplies.

Stalkers can also create their own hidden caches to store their supplies for later retrieval if the scavenging run was lengthy. The same concepts of retrieving the supplies are the same for regular caches and either players or NPCs could retrieve the supplies. Stalker made caches would be well hidden and no random players can simply walk up and find them.

Patrol Concept

Factions will need to patrol their part of the metro tunnels. Either player or NPCs can be made to do this. Conflict, supplies and station morale will directly affect patrols capabilities. Failure to keep a factions area of a tunnel secured will result in the tunnels becoming more dangerous and eventually beasts from the tunnels getting more widespread around the station which would lead to attacks on a station and infestations. Combat rules apply to patrols, RP deaths from beasts are treated less harshly than from other players as it is Player vs Event Team.
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