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Generators produce a key military and civilian resource. Power. Each station will require a different number of generators to run it at full capacity. Failure to secure enough generators typically leads to power malfunctions, broken gates, loss of production, faster supply drain, and the inability to create currency due to the loss of power to military grade reloading benches. It is vital to ensure that your faction has enough generators to power its stations.

Generators can be captured from other forces, or generators can be given diplomatically. If a faction forcefully takes over a power generator, it typically is seen as an act of war. Generators take one day to capture, secure, and set up to feed the power to the correct station. In this one day period, the invading force will have to keep their generator clear.

Taking over a generator by force instantly initiates a siege. Read about sieges here:

Generators can be damaged. Damaging a generator takes roughly 10 minutes, and the faction that the generator supports may take notice due to malfunctions, and may take action. Damaging a generator initiates a battlezone. If one side responds by taking action, and you are killed on the field, you are simply dragged back to your base wounded. You will not receive a PK.

If a generator is successfully damaged, the damaged generator will negatively affect the faction until it is repaired. Repairing a generator three hours.


Kostya contains two generators.
Hansa contains three generators.
The 4th Reich Outpost contains one generator.
The Red Line Station contains two generators.
The Spartan Outpost contains one generator.


Kostya: 4
Hansa: 5
Fourth Reich Outpost: 2
Red Line: 3

Spartan Outpost: 1

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