Player Versus Player (PVP) Rules

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Player Versus Player (PVP) Rules

Post by DarthAussie on Mon Mar 27, 2017 12:33 am

Outside stations: Whilst travelling anywhere outside of stations, deaths will result in a PK. It is much safer to travel in pairs or groups than alone, however the darkness of the Metro can allow you to discretely slip past potentially hostile players, with less travelled, hidden paths across the Metro providing alternate routes to destinations.

Inside stations: Whilst inside stations, deaths outside of war, such as from bounties, will only occur through RP. You may use the "/wme" command to RP an action within whisper range if you are either not detected or the opposition does not have a gun, however the opposing player will be allowed a roll to determine if they are able to resist in close quarters. The attacker will have a minimum roll of 30, meaning that any roll beneath 30 for the target player will result in a successful action for the attacker. If, however, opposing players in a station both detect each other and have guns drawn, a normal roll will occur.

Bounties: Every station has the ability to post a bounty, which any player may complete for payment. Not all stations share a bounty, however, so killing or capturing a bounty that is not wanted in that station may gain hostilities.

For any clarifications, please ask an Administrator.

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