Metro Loading Screen

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Metro Loading Screen

Post by Mister Vasili on Sat Mar 25, 2017 5:46 pm

OOC Introduction

Welcome to EUPRP's Metro RP. Our community experienced with generally running clockwork servers as well as Metro RP servers. Each server we set out to make isn't done just to have a server. We strive for quality and no matter what we run we always branch out expanding our servers lore, factions, systems and so forth. The staff team has a good knowledge of the lore from both the games and the series of novels, both of which are used to optimize the rich lore and the easy understanding of the lore. All characters follow their own path, and relations between groups are completely dynamic with the event team regularly maintaining the lethal aspects of the Metro itself.

IC Introduction

Twenty years ago Moscow was devastated by nuclear Armageddon. Some thousands made their way to the Metro for shelter, but we had no idea of what lay ahead. Soon centralised order turned into chaos, and terrors seeped into our safe haven. Now, factions are spread across the metro, and choosing a side seems to be the only way to stay alive. Amongst this entanglement of ideologies, people are trying to live normal lives. Some, however, take the risk to venture to the surface for the riches that any preserved knowledge may grant them. A life of business, war, service, crime and more can be made. But your choices will ultimately decide one thing in this Metro: Your survival.

You find yourself in Kostya Station, an independent station in the Southwest corner of the Metro. You were either born here and lived here your whole life or perhaps you have found your way here by trade caravan. The choice is yours. The dark tunnels beckon as factions continue to vie for control or their own benefit. While the monstrous horrors of the Metro continue to await.
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