Kostya Station

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Kostya Station

Post by Mister Vasili on Sat Mar 25, 2017 5:19 pm


Kostya Station is very loosely ran. There is a hardy militia that is directed by the leader of the station, there are the merchants who regularly compile surplus supplies to be transported by a single Kostya station caravan to save expense. The people of the station are free to do whatever they need to make their way through life. Most work for the agricultural sector, owned by Povtorits government.


The military of Kostya Station is a small militia, capable of fending a station of such a size. The only activities undertaken by the militia is peacekeeping, guarding of the gates and guarding of the caravan. Due to the neutrality of the station, the militia has never seen conflict with another faction. The militia is based on a small system of ranks. The militia is led by a Captain who advises the leader of the Station.


Kostya produces many items in a small scale and capacity such as electronics, bullets, gear etc. The most notable production is the Kostya farm which produces mushrooms and edible fruits and vegetables. Food is in a surplus in Kostya and often is the fresh food sold to nearby factions and stations. The most valuable produce is Tobacco, bringing in the majority of Kostya's Income
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