Tarkil Celekulak's File

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Tarkil Celekulak's File

Post by Mister Vasili on Sat Mar 25, 2017 4:52 pm



>Stalker Tarkil Celekulak

Noted Document below is Personnel File.


Physical Appearance and Information
Name: Tarkil Celekulak
Known Aliases:None
Gender: Male
Age:Late Twenties 27 or 28
Unit Ranking/Position:Kostya Station Stalker

Physical Appearance:
Tarkil stands at Five Feet and ten inches. His hair is jet black, long and thick. He has a rough beard across his face though it is trimmed under the chin where a gasmask would rest of the face. He's well fed and trained sporting a strong build. His body is rough and scarred. He Carries well maintained survival and combat equipment such as his coveralls, gasmask carrier, utility belt, ammunition bandoleers and pouches, kevlar carrier and so forth. His mannerisms are known as quiet as well as quick and to the point. While he is twenty eight years old stress and radiation has had a negative effect on him making him seem much more mature.

Vocal Sample Tapes:


General Information
Training/Experience: Kshatryia Caste Training, High School Education, Experience as a Stalker
Role: Kostya Station Stalker
Operational Status: Active


Known Personal Relationships.
Faction Allegiance: Kostya Station
Listed Liked Factions: [INPUT]
Listed Disliked Factions: [INPUT]
Listed Neutral Factions: [INPUT]
Hostile Factions:








Concerning Celekulak (Unit History)
The Following is an interview by the owner of the bullet exchange in Kostya Station, Gennadiy

"Tarkil, I don't really know why he has spoken to me so much about his past. Perhaps because we do so much business or maybe I'm the only one who bothers to listen.

Yes, yes I understand. I'm supposed to explain his past. Sort of strange you should ask but I guess he could be considered unstable, dangerous in small places like this.

Well, I'd start back in his childhood, he was only eight years old when the war started. His father worked for the FSB, it was the Russian governments intelligence agency over at the General Staff of the Armed Forces Building. He was at his fathers work when the early warning for the missile strikes occurred. e says his father phoned his mother before they made their run to the Metro Tunnels. He never saw his mother after that, saddest part was that he can't even remember the last things he said to her.

Anyway...His first station was what we know now as Polis. At the beginning though, it was where Metro Command was ran, while it still ran. He lived pretty well down there till the age of 15, still receiving a decent education. Then Metro Command failed, communications between station deteriorated and they started living for themselves. Tarkil's father was in charge of doing just that, many said he failed his job and since he couldn't do that job or any other support job, that he'd be better serving as a stalker.

The man probably didn't want to do it but in the end did so anyway, "by his own accord". Tarkil continued to receive a good education till he was eighteen then began military and survival training to the age of 19. He had hoped that he would be able to go out and be a stalker in his poor old fathers place, so the man wouldn't have to risk his neck. Unfortunately, his father never came back from one scavenging run. Tarkil hated Polis station after this, he believed they made his father go up there which would ultimately lead to his demise. And he hid it until the day he recovered his fathers body, it was the only thing that kept him there.

Tarkil cut and run when he was on a supply run, he didn't take much with him for supplies, at least by Polis standards. He hasn't returned to the station since, they probably all think he's dead. Then Tarkil did what most gunmen in the Metro do, he took his chance with Hanza, probably the smartest choice. I never asked him but I think he might have fought in the war against the Red Line. I don't really know much about that part of his life. Then of course you know he's been here, playing the role of our Stalker the past year. That's all I know man. Alright, thank you."
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