Server Administration Breakdown and Policies

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Server Administration Breakdown and Policies

Post by Lapis on Sun Mar 19, 2017 7:07 pm

The Admin team on EUPRP is small and is broken down into two categories that complete different tasks and goals. Each admin falls into a caste system, the higher the admin, the more weight to their word, with the top of the caste being absolute.


The administration team consists of Scout (Owner), Mister Vasili (Co-Owner), and DarthAussie (Head Admin). These four individuals head the entirety of the server, ranging from lore to player management. While they have the most on their plates, all of these individuals are heavily experienced admins who have been EUPRP Admins for at least four years. They are deeply entrenched into the community and they all have a rich understanding of the community, the server and its direction. The Administration team regularly meets to moderate the progress of the server and they, above all, have the final word in any conflict or event. What these individuals say are concrete.


The Event Team plays a crucial role on the server, as they run, plan, and manage all events. The Event Team is composed of Scout and Lapis. They share an equal split in power, and all members of the administration may direct the event team. While the event team has a deep understanding of the lore and direction of the server, not everything they say may be entirely correct if it was not fully consulted with the administration team.


Erotic Roleplay
This is strictly forbidden while on the server. There are NO exceptions to this rule, ever.

'Special Snowflake' Characters
We like a bit of variety on our server, but not to the point where you're a crippled halfbreed who is also transsexual. Generally just use common sense. If you're not sure, ask an admin. We're always willing to lend a hand in making sure our players can get the best experience from us and their fellow players.

Voice Chat
Voice chat is occasionally used by Admins to communicate with new players quickly, and to sometimes give the honorary screech of map switching. All other occurrences are not allowed, and voice chat should never be used for roleplay. Teamspeak is an entirely different ballgame with its own set of rules.

Server Bans/Permanent Kills
You probably have noticed by now that people die ALOT on this server. Any member of the server can die at any time. For the most part, we leave it up to RNG, save for a few "scripted" occurrences. Don't get mad if a character you worked hard on died to a shitty roll. It's how the roleplay goes. You can always make new, exciting characters. We've had some of our most memorable characters die here. Now as for bans, if you're banned permanently, it was probably because we as a community felt you were detrimental to the roleplay or community. Perma-bans aren't usually appealed, but when they are, be grateful. You won't get a third chance.

Minging/Continuous Shit-posting
Generally just common sense, but we have zero tolerance for this, unless the small occasion arises where the Admins decide to play around a bit on the ship or on op. Other than that, ya done kid.

Know when to shut the fuck up
This may seem blunt, but if you keep talking when you're being lectured, informed or otherwise, you will be banned, temporarily or permanently. You need to keep your mouth shut if we're talking to you, that goes for between players, and between admins and players. If someone's talking to you, shut the fuck up. If you don't feel like listening, then don't, but there are consequences for not listening.

This will be updated as newer or more updated policies are enforced by the Admins.

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