The Guardian Federation

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The Guardian Federation

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Faction Name: The Guardian Federation
Faction Race(s): Guardians
Sector locations: Valhallan Massing, Sector 30
Relevant planets and bodies:
● Haven (Maximum Quarantine/Abandoned)
● Teliandor Prime (Current Capital)
● Forge 3 (Industrial World)
● Frontier 1 (Naval Command)
● Rolor Installation (Dockyard)
● Fehras 9 (Main training facility)
Leader's name(s):
● Commander Sahren Vaskteria
● Hierarchy Lanter Smithlot
Government type: Federation (Each world has a representative)
Population: 2.7 Billion
Faction Traits: Passionate Combative, Adaptive, Enduring
Faction Faults: Sedentary, Paranoid (Still waiting for approval)
Faction Ideals: Militarist, Spiritual
Faction History: This faction started off as a group of people fighting in a war against monsters of all sorts. They were losing but 9 of them decided to end the war once and for all turning themseves into legends. They defeated every single monster who dared to attack them or their allies another peaceful race who were constantly under attack and barely holding out. The famous 9 lead their army and wiped out all of their enemies then decided to leave the world for their ally while they left to get away from the horror of that war.

The Guardian Federation is a faction of unified worlds under one banner seeking co-operation with other factions and planets. The Guardians first started off as a splinter group who left their birthplace in search for a world they could call their own. Their Journey was long and few died on the way there but under the leadership of the biggest legend the guardians know they found it. Haven was the world they found and called their own with everything they needed and so the guardians built their first city Intaer in the old guardian language it is simply First. After this many more towns and cities started appearing Guardia, Amt, Galserindal, Olteros, Seaer and Telmar.

Eventually being in several cities factions started forming and soon after that Civil War. The cities Guardia and Telmar being close to each other decided to form a alliance whle several other cities declared war on them. The battles were long, hard and cities were razed but only 3 were still standing. Guardia, Telmar and Amt. The heroes of Guardia decreed that Haven should stand united and formed the Guardian Federation sworn to never again stand against each other. Being united Haven began to prosper and advance faster than anyone predicted. Meanwhile Amt the only city that never partisipated in the war isolated themselves and the city was never seen again.

Centuries later the Guardians mourned the loss of all of their great heroes who they believed became gods to watch over them. Soon after Professor Ferent devised a theory of opening up new field technology allowing defensive shielding, integrity fields and rumored to have stealth fields. Ferent was later murdered by a unknown assasin and the plans to the Stealth fields stolen. In his name the guardians began using his Integrity fields to build craft capable of going into space . The guardians seemed curious to venture into space again but this time to expand and make contact with anyone out there but their engines alone could not get them there.

Ten Years later Torel Smithlot found a way to use engines differently and made several modifications and built the Starlight Drive. His prototype headed into space and prepped to unleash the full power of the drive only looking back to see his people watching over him. The Starlight drive made a blind jump at maximum power and catapulted the ship well away into the Cordaria system and another faction a few years ahead with space travel. Being more experienced the Cordarians offered to help repair the drive and even install a more sofisticated navigation system in return for plans to the drive.

This started the first alliance between the Cordarians and the Guardians but they were certainly not the only faction the cordarians new about. Upon returning Torel to haven they warned the Guardian Federation to be careful for there is danger in every corner. When they heard those words the guardians were not detered and decided to build their own ships capable of defending against anything. They became the protectors of the galaxy.

Meanwhile the first flagship was built the Guardian and the navy was founded with the intention of making the galaxy safer for anyone. They began their crusade to stop every pirate and warmongering faction. However this got them into a conflict with a faction known as the Arverus Empire and the biggest war they ever faced. Aproximatly 162 ships and 1 Million troops involved made this one of the largest wars ever faced. The Guardians decided that they were equally matched and continuing this conflict would cover the galaxy in blood and called for a Cease fire until they could get diplomats to negotiate peace with the Arverus Empire. The war had ended but they were still rivals and so the Guardians improved their military.

Everything looked fine but then they lost contact with a research centre on Feldar which was working on a new kind on energy known as Maelevolt. When they got there it was a dead world not only that but the effects on the population was horrifying. Not only did the Maelevolt kill them but it trapped their sould leaving them as horrifying spirits forever trapped. The planet was quaranteened and any Maelevolt research destroyed and banned despite the fact that it was the most powerful energy form they had ever seen.

20 years after this Alpha raised his armarda along with a Maelevolt device and went to destroy the heart of the Guardian Federation. The battle of Haven had a total of 3621 Ships involved and trillions on the planet. This battle lasted for 55 days until the last high ranking officer on the planet by the name of Colonel Michael Smithlot lead one final stand against the unrelenting hoards in the capital city Guardia. The Leagions of enemies destroyed but Alpha was not finished and part of his armada still remained. in his escape he unleased the maelevolt device and fleed out of the galaxy while the guardians evacuated.

Seeing that their home was destroyed the guardian federation was almost destroyed but two people continued to keep their people united. They decided that they should search for Alpha and a way to restore haven to its former glory and so Michael Smithlot took his ship and went ahead searching. 8 Years later the newly appointed Colonel Helter Rasheral of the Second Guardian Expeditionary Force rallied what ships were available and went ahead under the approval of the leaders. He was given several goals, Find General Smithlot, Locate Alpha and destroy him, Find the means to fully restore haven and colonise new worlds.

With the new Thermal lance weapons and his command frigate called Haven's Fury he took his force into the unknown.
Faction Culture:

Military Details

The Guardian Military is split into 3 different groups, The Main Army, Storm Commando's and the Navy. All 3 of them mostly co-operate with eachother but they each have their own ideas of how to fight and somwtrimes their own units. The Main Army likes to strike with overwelming force while the Storm Commando's likes to hit where it hurts most. Meanwhile the navy co-operates with every single ship having one command ship always keeping an eye out.

Subject to Change.

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