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Home System: Haven System (Abandoned), Teliandor System (Current)
Homeworld: Haven (Maximum Quarantine), Teliandor Prime (Current)
Location: Aurelia Delores Galaxy, Sector 6
Physical Description: Guardians are typically 6.2 and bear similarities with humans however noticable differences includes their slightly pointed ears. There are some rare traits among them giving them bright blue eyes and mostly unknown to some guardians have been found with limited telepathic abilities however they are untrained in its use and not very powerful with it.
Typical Traits: Passionate Combative, Adaptive, Enduring
Typical Faults: Sedentary, Paranoid (Suffered a major attack on their homeworld) Awaiting staff approval for custom fault
Ideals: Militarist, Spiritualist
Typical Lifespan: 240 Years
Years Space-faring: 723 Years in Aurelia Delores, 55 In Qhoren Galaxy

Brief History: The proud Guardians have been around in their home space for thousands of years living on their homeworld known as Haven a world they were proud of. They have made contact with a total of 47 Species most space faring but some pre space travel. The guardians believe that the gods are watching over them and that they tasked the guardians with protecting the galaxy. Very rarely guardians turn on themselves the most famous for rebelling refuse the ideals and went to live alone. The guardians when it comes down to fighting uphold honor and responsibility and will never execute or torture their foes.

8 years ago a suprise attack was launched on Haven by a rogue commander of a misunderstood species named by some as "The Death" but their full name is Zelerians. Alpha their rogue commander sent his armarda to Haven for a suprise attack with the goal of wiping out the high command. They failed but they detonated a weapon known as a Maelavolt Device causing permanent damage to the planet and killing 2 Trillion guardians. Since then the guardians put several defences around Haven to prevent anyone even themselves from seeing the horrors left behind.

Now the guardians seek their revenge by any means necessary and they seek to restore their world.

Image comming soon.

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