Olukore Barracks

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Olukore Barracks

Post by Arglack on Tue Mar 14, 2017 11:12 pm

Fanatic Militarist and Expansionist (+1.5 FP)
Very Strong and Resilient (+1 FP, +4 HP, -3 EV)

Doctrine: Uses flechette weapons to tear apart the enemy in combat, using well thought-out strategies and tactics of the Olukore’s natural strengthes against the enemy’s weaknesses.

FIRETEAM [18.5 FP, 27 HP, 21 S, TBD IV]
Heavy Infantryman
CQC Specialist
Combat Medic

SQUAD [42 FP, 58 HP, S, TBD IV]
Melee Specialist
Team Leader
Heavy Infantryman
Heavy Infantryman
CQC Specialist
Automatic Rifleman
Combat Medic

PLATOON [94 FP, 100 HP, 192 S, TBD IV]
COMPANY [470 FP, 500 HP, 960 S, TBD IV]
BATTALION [2350 FP, 2500 HP, 4800 S, TBD IV]
BRIGADE [7050 FP, 7500 HP, 14400 S, TBD IV]
DIVISION [28200 FP, 30000 HP, 57600 S, TBD IV]

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