Elors (NPC)

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Elors (NPC)

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Home System: S'Quotia
Homeworld: S'Quotia VI
Location: Nereus Systems, System 22
Physical Description: Elorians stand at 5'7-6'0 feet tall typically. They all appear feminine in nature, however their species has no males and Elorians reproduce asexually, therefor they have no concept of physical mating. They typically have very pale skin with shades of purple, pink, blue, or red. Their sharp ears are a distinctive trait, along with their eyes which are entirely black. They have long, skinny bodies. They highly intelligent naturally. They often mark their faces with markings that represent their family lineage. These markings never cover the front of the face and only come in from the sides.
Typical Traits: Sociable, Multitaskers, Politically Adept
Typical Faults: Sedentary, Deviants  
Ideals: Elitist, Xenophile, Materalist
Typical Lifespan: 102 years
Years Space-faring: 130

Brief History:
The Elorians come from a world of highly complex political systems, intrigue, family traditions and heritage. From the beginning of their time, the Elorians have settled their differences with not all out war, but rather complicated games of betrayal and deception. They are masters of persuasion and deceit. They hate direct confrontation, and would rather solve their problems behind closed doors, striking their enemies when they aren't prepared.

While the Elorians may seem unfit for war, time has proven that their soldiers are fearsome, while few and weak, they are capable of putting up a decent fight.

The Elorians are elitists, they have deep family traditions that are nearly unbreakable. It is nearly impossible to advance in Elorian society unless you are of noble birth. They live within a strict caste system, with a 'Ruler' (ட்சியாளர் in the tongue of the Elorians) at the top, followed by political figureheads, then business elites, then religious figures, and at the bottom of the caste is 'regular' Elorians.

An image of a politically elite Elorian

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