Xuz'ap (NPC)

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Xuz'ap (NPC)

Post by Scout on Tue Mar 14, 2017 1:47 am

Home System: Kelno'on
Homeworld: Mae'ova 
Location: Erebus Nebula, System 16
Physical Description: The Xuz'ap find themselves alone in the galaxy on a biological level. They are completely made up out of extremely rare minerals and rock. It is entirely unknown how they have come to not only be sapient, but capable warriors with respectable fleets. They typically stand over 6 feet tall, and weigh from six hundred to one thousand pounds. They are bi-pedal, with two arms and two legs. They seem to have a 'head' but there is no visible set of eyes, mouth, ears, or a nose -- however it is recorded that the Xuz'ap are not only capable of all of these senses, but they are extremely sensitive in them. They speak through a series of loud, crunching like noises.  It is well noted that they are capable of adapting to any environment, as they are thermosynthetic, meaning that they are able to receive their nutrients from the sun alone.
Typical Traits:  Extremely Venerable, Very Strong, Thermosynthetic
Typical Faults: Solitary, Extremely Slow Breeders
Ideals: Isolationist, Libertarian, Ecologist
Typical Lifespan: 1,000+ years, some believe they cannot die of old age.
Years Space-faring: 265 years

Brief History: The Xuz'ap stand as one of the most unique beings in the galaxy. Being composed entirely of minerals and rocks, it is a mystery to how they are even existent, let alone intelligent. 

Many values of the Xuz'ap seem to have been twisted throughout time. Elders say that ancient Xuz'ap were peaceloving people, however, upon first contact with other aliens, they were exploited, 'dismantlement' skyrocketed to the number one cause of death for Xuz'ap. All Xuz'ap possess Amaranite at their core. Amaranite is the rarest mineral in the galaxy, an once equates to nearly a half a million credits -- and each and every Xuz'ap contains nearly a pound of it at the core of their bodies. It was not until the Xuz'ap forced themselves into warriors that they were able to defend themselves from the exploitation of their people. Their hardy bodies, already naturally tougher than any species in the galaxy, was reinforced with incredibly strong armor. This armor now serves as the standard for all Xuz'ap, which also comes with two wrist-blades formed out of super-hard light, ensuring that no matter what situation they are in, they will be protected. All Xuz'ap typically travel with a partner, usually of the opposite sex. This partner, known as a 'Jamu'ven' (or Unbreakable Chain, roughly) serve each other as protectors, friends, and usually the Jamu'ven will marry each other.

This forms an incredibly powerful bond between each Xuz'ap. Every Xuz'ap selects a Jamu'ven at ten years old, meaning that some relationships go back over a thousand years. While a Xuz'ap is free to mutually choose their Jamu'ven, one can be assigned if a Xuz'ap cannot find one him/herself.

Most species find it difficult to distinguish between male and female, however, this is easily done by the top of their heads. Males have sharp, rough heads, while females have squarish, smoothly edged heads.

It is unknown how Xuz'ap reproduce, they hold their mating rituals extremely close to their hearts, it is one of the most private and intimate things that a Xuz'ap will ever perform in their long life time. Reproduction is always done inside of a highly guarded sanctuary, done behind closed doors where the Jamu'vens are given as much time as they need.

An image of a typical Xuz'ap, this one is a male.

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