Khrelari (NPC)

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Khrelari (NPC)

Post by Scout on Mon Mar 13, 2017 11:40 pm

Home System: Iriker 
Homeworld: Iriker 5
Location: Oracle Expanse, System 17
Physical Description: Khrelari stand at 5'9-6'0 tall. They are bi-pedal and their skin is composed of strong chitin. They have many bug-like features, they sport six eyes under a hard helmet like structure of a head, they have small manidbles at the mouth and they communicate traditionally through a series of clicks and high pitched noises emitted from their manidbles. Their chitin only comes in a dark coating, with notable exceptions being caused from a highly deadly disease within the Khrelari society. 
Typical Traits: Adaptive, strong, resilient 
Typical Faults: Deviants, Fleeting
Ideals: Militaristic, Elitists, Xenophile
Typical Lifespan: 42 years
Years Space-faring: 197

Brief History: The Khrelari come from a dry world in which their  bodies have formed to the best of their abilities. They have dark chitin that serves as natural armor to help defend themselves from the many predators of their homeworld. Within their chitin lays an advanced system of nerves and other bodily functions that allow them to cool their body down, or heat it up. They are also able to supply themselves with more oxygen if needed. This allows them to be extremely adaptive to nearly any environment they find themselves in. Their bodies also are capable of breaking down nearly any material as food or liquid. 

While traditionally militaristic, the Khrelari do not seek galactic domination. Instead, they seek a dominion through strong and worthy foes. While they enjoy a good fight, they do not actively seek  war -- however they are not afraid to deal it.

The Khrelari easily work with other races, and are typically eager to work with races that prove their use either economically or militarily. 

An image of a typical Khrelarian

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