Chanites (NPC)

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Chanites (NPC)

Post by Scout on Mon Mar 13, 2017 4:17 pm

Home System: Barpare
Homeworld: Indria
Location: Emperya Traverse, System 47
Physical Description: Aquatic beings with a long body with long arms and fingers, they are equipped with a large tail to help them accelerate through water quickly. They have large, sharp fingers that allow them to rip into meat. They are omnivores, however they heavily prefer a meat based diet. 
Typical Traits: Conformists, Nomadic, Communal
Typical Faults: Extremely non-adaptive, slow learners
Ideals: Xenophile, Collectivist, Spiritualist
Typical Lifespan: 55 years
Years Space-faring: 124

Brief History: The Chanites come from the ocean world of Indria inside of the Barpare system, Emperya Traverse. They are known for living in large underwater cities where their societies thrive. As a species, they are exceptional that conforming to new situations, allowing their race to have a relatively peaceful existence throughout their time as changes in their societies leave to little conflict. Leaving their oceans and traveling in the stars was an exceptional achievement, as they require water to survive, their ships are filled with water. Technology was adapted to suit this, and sometimes their ships are referred as 'interstellar fish bowls'.

No matter what comments are made, it is clear that the Chanites have made exceptional ground in interstellar travel, and have achieved great things as a species, even if they are bounded by the ocean.

It is possible for Chanites to be on the surface, however they require an advanced hovercraft that encases them in water. They prefer to not resort to this mode of transportation, and typically will stay where they are comfortable. 

Image of a typical Chanite

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