Manual Dossier: Nezhu, The Last Commander of the Inusannon

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Manual Dossier: Nezhu, The Last Commander of the Inusannon

Post by Kravis on Tue Mar 07, 2017 12:43 pm

Clearance Locked, Credentials Required

::>Authing Credentials

::Clearance Recognized, Access Granted::

Select Personnel File.

>Arakiel Celebrios
>Specialist O'Donovan
> Nezhu :: Nezhu, The Last Commander Selected

Loading Personnel File.

Unit Identification Information.

Unit Identification Image:

(Confrontation with 2nd MSRC aboard SSV Consantinople)


Name: Nezhu
Gender: Unknown
Species: Inusannon, Mentioned to formerly be a Thoi'han
Ranking: Presumed Commander from title, The Last Commander.

Physical Appearance:
Nezhu stands at around 7'7-8ft tall. It wears a suit of flexing armor that conforms around it's body. Matieral unknown. It also appears to wear some sort of spinal rig on it's back that generates large readings of Eezo energy. It's face is completely devoid of facial recognitions except from two presumed eyesockets and a presumed mouth area. Appears skin is made out of tough, translucent skin that encases a skeleton underneath. Nezhu's skeleton appears long faced and slanted, almost akin to human fantasy elves. Other Inusannon have been noted of having human skeletal structures and unseen ones.

Unit Vocals:

(Doctor Samuel Hayden, DOOM 2016)



Nezhu appears to be more tame than it's other mentioned officers. It mentions that most other officers would rather forcibly wipe out the galaxy's races. However, it has shown more mercy than destruction. It's goal appears to be the complete transformation of all of the Milky Way's species to become Inusannon, and reclaim their lost territories and status in society.

Nezhu has allowed the 2nd MSRC to escape numerous times. Showing some sort of degree of respect or mercy towards the crew.

Nezhu's range of power is currently unknown. Is nearly powerful enough to easily teleport between ships within the vacuum of space and can directly pull and teleport soldiers into the field with it's biotic power.

Suspected to have convinced a faction of Geth to follow the Inusanon due to past reports. Perhaps promising the synthesis between organics and synthetics.


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