The Twilight Imperium

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The Twilight Imperium

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Faction Name: The Twilight Imperium
Faction Race(s): Seekers of Twilight
Sector locations: Helios Systems, Star Clusters 88-90
Relevant planets and bodies

  • Aeternus (Seekers of Twilight Capital) Located in the Aeos System, Star Cluster 88
  • Invictus (System Capital) Located in the Kelos System, Star Cluster 89
  • Saras (System Capital) Located in the Valour System, Star Cluster 90
  • The Halls of Ty'Krios (Largest Army Base/Training Grounds) Located in the Aeos System
  • The Arms of Ty'Vale (Largest Naval Installation) Located in the Aeos System 

Leader's name(s): Tal'Saris the Eternal
Government type: Totalitarianism
Population: 7.9 Billion
Faction Traits:  Venerable, Natural Fighters
Faction Faults:Sedentary, Taxing
Faction Ideals:Militaristic Collectivist Expansionists
Faction History: The Twilight Imperium, the military arm of the Seekers of Twilight, comprises almost 80% of the entire population of the Seekers. Military service is mandatory regardless of gender at birth. The Twilight Imperium rules over it's people by Tal'Saris the Eternal, it is unknown at this point whether the leader is the same immortal being in the legends of the Seekers of Twilight, or a different leader genetically modified to look the same as the ancient warrior. Tal'Saris leads his people with the aid of Caste Leaders, each sharing the same naming style as his own, such as Shan'Saras the Guardian, leader of the Guardian Caste.
Faction Culture: The Twilight Imperium strives to prove themselves in the eyes of their gods, the Silent Ones. They live, fight and die in the service that one day their sacrifices will bring about the return of these ancient beings who will usher them into a new age.

Military Details

Twilight Fleet
The Twilight Fleet serves as the naval arm of the Twilight Imperium, every aspect of Seekers of Twilight space travel has dealings with the Fleet itself. The Seekers of Twilight are warriors first and foremost, their warships hammer this fact home as they are deadly and sleek, carrying arrays of powerful energy weapons capable of tearing ships apart and powerful energy shields that can make the most powerful of assaults seem like a mosquito bite. In battle the Twilight rely heavily on their superior weapons and technology to face down their enemies, but are also willing to sacrifice everything to achieve victory, even if it means the total destruction of their own forces. The Twilight will never stop fighting, and will fight to the last man if need be.
A Vanguard class Twilight Battlecruiser on patrol

Twilight Armed Forces
The Twilight armed forces is divided up into several overarching Castes, each lead by a Caste Leader. The different Castes are responsible for different scenarios and operations of the Twilight's forces.

  • The Warrior Caste: Lead by The Warrior, the Warrior caste makes up the majority of the Twilight's military might. These fanatical warriors are talented and dangerous, capable of facing down many foes with their impressive speed and martial abilites. Whilst Twilight Warriors do have access to powerful energy rifles, most warriors prefer to use their powerful energy blades in battle.

    A Twilight Warrior on patrol

  • The Guardian Caste: Lead by The Guardian, this caste is responsible for the protection of Twilight space and worlds, generally never on the offensive, these talented warriors are made up purely of Veterans of the Warrior Caste. They are more defensive than their warrior counterparts, using ranged combat over melee combat and being more conservative with their forces.

    A Twilight Guardian, a battle-hardened veteran of years of conflict

  • The Shield Caste: Lead by The Shield, this caste is purely made up of the powerful Striders that the Twilight use in battle, these striders range in size and power, each with it's own unique ability in battle, whether being a quick and agile Attack Strider or a towering and devastating Obliterator Strider, the Shields are generally engineers. They also set up and upkeep the many military installations used by the Twilight Imperium

    Shield Caste warriors escorting a Twilight Siege Strider on a frozen world

  • The Imperius Guard: The Imperius Guard, the elite of the Twilight Imperium, they hail from all Castes and positions. They serve at the whim of Tal'Saris the Eternal, they use the strongest weapons and best equipment and often are the leaders of Twilight task forces. The Imperius Guard are much fewer in number, but their skill and military prowess is second to none.

    An Imperius Guardsman about to enter the battle


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