The Seekers of Twilight

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The Seekers of Twilight

Post by Sargo922 on Mon Mar 06, 2017 2:57 pm

Home System: Aeos System
Homeworld: Aeternus
Location: Helios Systems, Star Cluster 88
Physical Description: Seekers of Twilight stand roughly 7-8 feet tall and are bipedal, possessing four arm-like structures with seven clawed fingers. Their heads are roughly triangular in shape, possessing four eyes and a set of mandibles, and their bodies are covered in overlapping naturally-occurring armor plates. They have both an endoskeleton and exoskeleton due to their size.
Typical Traits: Venerable, Natural Fighters
Typical Faults: Sedentary, Taxing
Ideals: Militaristic Collectivist Expansionists
Typical Lifespan: 587 years without medical assistance
Years Space-faring: 634 Human Years

Brief History: The Seekers of Twilight, more widely known as the Twilight Imperium, first came to Omega Borealis through sheer accident, a major military colonial fleet was sucked through a massive vortex, throwing them light years across the stars. The Twilight were stranded in the Aeos system, their advanced warships and technology damaged from the unexpected journey, but through years of dedication, the Twilight have established themselves once again in their new galaxy, quickly conquering and subjugating the Aeternus system and establishing a powerful military empire. The Twilight are a proud, warrior race, refusing to yield in any odds, often fighting to the very last in order to prove themselves to their gods.

An image of a typical Twilight Imperium Tracker


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