The Tribunal Palace (NPC, Ancient Empire, WIP)

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The Tribunal Palace (NPC, Ancient Empire, WIP)

Post by Scout on Mon Mar 06, 2017 2:21 am

Faction Name: The Tribunal Palace
Faction Race(s): Drovian
Sector locations: TBA
Relevant planets and bodies: TBA
Leader's name(s): High Bishop Uablelmo Buallikhi
Government type: Divine Mandate
Population: 8,623,556,959 (27,688,731,023 if including subjugated races)
Faction Traits: Reign of the Gods, Ancestral Heartbeat
Faction Faults: Taxing, Slow Breeders, Solitary
Faction Ideals: Fanatic Spiritualist, Militarist
Faction History: TBD
Faction Culture: TBA

Other Races within The Tribunal Palace

Cryplevian are reptilian like aliens with a hardy fighting style. Accustomed to fighting in very tight quarters due to their extremely and almost unbelievably mountain like world, the Cryplevians built and fought within small valleys. This has given them a great ability to fight in close quarters combat. They were assimilated by the Drovians nearly four thousand years ago, being the first to enter peacefully.

The Kussets, while seeming familiar to the Cryplevians, actually have no relation whatsoever. Assimilated nearly a thousand years later, the Kussets are perfect skirmishers. They are highly trained in maneuverability and dynamic operating.

The most recent race to join the Drovians are the Hussarians. Hussarians are powerful, balanced warriors of an all female race. They are highly capable in close quarters combat and long range engagements. They typically serve as command units for the Drovian military.

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