Drovians (NPC, Ancient Race)

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Drovians (NPC, Ancient Race)

Post by Scout on Mon Mar 06, 2017 2:12 am

Home System: Muppuvia
Homeworld: Strerilia
Location: Vulcan Frontier
Physical Description: Drovians are tall creatures standing at about 5'11 to 6'2 on average. They have extremely pale skin and typically have blank, white eyes, save for bright blue pupils. Much of their physical traits are covered, as Drovians are almost always seen in robes or armor. From the outside, the Drovians appear to have four arms and two legs, however, this could be an illusion.

Drovians have encompassed many other races into their empire. While they all identify as Drovians, many true Drovians consider them sub-species, yet treat them as if equal, unless on a religious matter.
Typical Traits: Reign of the Gods*, Ancestral Heartbeat*
Typical Faults: Taxing, Slow Breeders, Solitary
Ideals: Fanatic Spiritualist, Militarist
Typical Lifespan: 600-750 years
Years Space-faring: 19,242 years

Brief History: The currently oldest space faring race still alive, the Drovians are proud, boastful, intelligent, and often arrogant beings. Reaching the stars almost 20,000 years ago, the Drovians relied heavily on a belief of a right of power in the galaxy. Ancient beings left many relics on the Drovian homeworld, and this drove them to a quick, easy path to interstellar travel. Convinced that they were chosen to be rulers of the galaxy by some omniscient lineage that chose them, the Drovians have used this as a base for everything they have accomplished in space.

The Drovians have been extremely successful in manipulating and then trapping races underneath them, permanently subjugating them. While most come peacefully, some do require more pushing. Luckily, with three strong warrior races under the Drovians command, nothing seems to able to slow them.

An image of a typical Drovian

Reign of the Gods: A deeply rooted religious people, Drovians become extremely happy when their Gods are pleased with them. (+5,000 happiness when in successful war or a good peace. +35% credits gained.)

Ancestral Heartbeat: When Drovians believe that an ancient artifact may be near, they seem to almost enter a new state of mind. One focused and unbreakable. Whatever it takes to achieve the possession of their artifacts, they will do it. (+50% fleet damage when fighting for Artifact, +50 army damage and health when fighting for Artifact.)

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