Jvarians (NPC, Ancient Empire)

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Jvarians (NPC, Ancient Empire)

Post by Scout on Mon Mar 06, 2017 1:43 am

Home System: Toir
Homeworld: Kufloa
Location: Asphodel Threshold 
Physical Description: Jvarians stand typically at 5'8-6'0 feet tall. They have long necks with narrow heads, with pointy ears that are known to either point upwards or outwards. Jvarians are known to have three different shade of skin, either blue, purple, or green. In rare instances, red and yellow shades can be discovered, however this is typically seen as a disablement among Jvarians. 
Typical Traits: Masters of Trade*, Extremely Thrifty*
Typical Faults: Taxing, Decadent 
Ideals: Individualist, Fanatic Materialistic 
Typical Lifespan: 75 years
Years Space-faring: 5,062 years

Brief History: Jvarians entered the galactic stage over five thousand years ago, and since, have become the trade empire of the galaxy. The Jvarians have always been known to be shrude tradesman but also capable warriors. Before they reached the stars, Jvarians often brokered out their problems through deals, trades, or betrayal. Now, Jvarians are the leading trade power in the galaxy. They will trade with anyone who wishes, however they will not hesitate to deploy their rudimentary fleets upon an enemy, or, hire an endless amount of mercenaries found within their trading posts in and outside of their borders.

An image of a typical Jvarian

Masters of Trade: After countless generations as tradesmen, Jvarians have become unmatched in the art of the deal. (+65% political ability)
Extremely Thristy: The only thing that is more frowned upon than death as a Jvarian is having no worldly possessions, and being broke. Jvarians ensure that this never happens. (+50% more credits gained)

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