The Ral (NPC, Ancient Race)

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The Ral (NPC, Ancient Race)

Post by Scout on Mon Mar 06, 2017 1:07 am

Home System: Gnatovien
Homeworld: Utlar
Location: Annos Stream, Angustus Strip
Physical Description: Ral stand at 6'3 and weigh typically 200-300 pounds. Their body is composed of hard muscle naturally with tough plates growing over vital organs such as livers, hearts, and the brain. The Ral have three hearts, five livers, three sets of lungs. They are capable of breathing underwater and they also have perfect night vision. Their eyes are vaccum-tight, meaning they can survive in space without a full helmet, they just require something to cover the mouth and nose.
Typical Traits: Masters of Warfare*, Fury of an Empire*
Typical Faults: Hunger of the Gods*, Sedentary
Ideals: Fanatic Collectivist, Fanatic Miltiarist
Typical Lifespan: 165 years
Years Space-faring: 8,502 years

Brief History: The Ral come from the rocky planet of Ultar, where a race of war-faring people were raised. War is first nature for any true Ral. Uplifted ten thousand years ago by an unknown race, records show that the Ral served underneath this race for over two thousand years before betraying their overlords, overthrowing a much more powerful enemy and actually coming to wipe any trace of them from the galaxy. Since then, the Ral have been unforgiving warmongers, conquering all known space near them.

Ral possess a unique ability to 'boost' their physical traits for hours at a time. In times of battle, the Ral have been noted to be seen 'growing' in size and strength. This transformation is often visibly noticeable, as Ral can be seen growing in muscle mass in size, they typically gain up to one hundred pounds and grow up to two feet taller. This transformation also heightens their reflexes and mental processing ability, allowing them to make keen decisions in a split second if needed. This process can be achieved, seemingly, whenever a Ral wants.

For the past two hundred years however, the Ral's borders have remained unchanged. It is impossible to know if this newfound peace will continue for any longer.
An image of a typical Ral

*Masters of Warfare: The Ral have been a spacefaring war machine for nearly eight thousand years. In this time, they have perfected all aspects of combat. (Fleets cause +45% more damage, move 20% faster, and have 15% more health. Armies commit 50% more damage, and are 25% more likely to be successful in their actions.)
*Fury of an Empire: The Ral possess the unique ability to boost any and all physical traits to win a battle. (+25% more army damage in key battles [Determined by Staff])

*Hunger of the Gods: The Ral have a deeply rooted tradition in the military just as they do religion. Once a week, fifty Ral must be sacrificed to the Gods. (-25% population growth)

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