Travis Kelce returns from the Veil

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Travis Kelce returns from the Veil

Post by Peppuh on Sun Mar 05, 2017 9:15 pm

"Earlier today, Travis Kelce and his Geth companion returned from the Perseus Veil. He spoke to a small room of reporters about the trip and current politics."

"I'd like to thank the two of you, out of uh twenty five or so of y'all, that asked me about my trip. Helix and I had a wonderful time. I spoke with several officials on the current state of the Geth and we didn't get ambushed by the rouge Geth, so that's a plus. I finally learned the fate of SysMod-39, it was killed a long time ago, so there's some closure. Now onto what everyone wants to know. I believe Commander Greene is a great man and to strip him of his spectre status without trial is just a serious miscarriage of justice. Saren, the turian that wanted to bring about the death of every man, woman, and child got much fairer trial than the man that helped clean up his mess. Commander Adande Greene, 2nd Human Spectre was not given the trial he deserved. The Commander could be guilty, there's a 50/50 chance between guilty and not guilty but I am more inclined to believe he's not guilty just because there was no trial. It is possibly too late for a trial to occur because the Commander could very well be dead at this point. My son arrived aboard the SSV Constantinople the day that the Commander and his crew were deemed "too dangerous to live." I haven't been able to get a hold of him and I fear the worse. My son is just a boy that has a degree in Management and knows how to make ice cream. If he is too dangerous to live, I guess I'm next. If my son really is dead, I'd just like to let everyone responsible know that..." *Kelce pauses for a moment before assuming a neutral face* "Hell hath no fury like a man that's lost his son."

"Kelce grabbed his Geth companion, Helix, by the wrist and stormed into his citadel apartment. We could not reach him for further questions afterwards. The politics on the Citadel never cease to be the most heated."

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