UA-126V "Malalterons" (NPC)

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UA-126V "Malalterons" (NPC)

Post by Scout on Fri Mar 03, 2017 10:13 pm

(Pronounced Mall-ter-rons)
Documentation highly incomplete. May require research to learn more of the species.

Home System:  UNKNOWN
Homeworld:  UNKNOWN
Location: UNKNOWN, may be spread out across galaxy.
Physical Description: Depends on form.
Typical Traits: UNKNOWN
Typical Faults:
Typical Lifespan: UNKNOWN
Years Space-faring: Not Spacefaring

Brief History: The race designated as UA-126V by an unknown race potentially thousands of years ago was discovered on board a dialect ship by another currently extinct race of spacefaring people about 1,252 years ago. Records discovered seem to identify these aliens as the Uboathi who ruled the Erebus Nebula before their collapse and extinction. What led to their extinction is currently unclear, but it anyone can identify that their race shortly fell into complete turmoil after the discovery of UA-126V.

As ship records show, a specimen of the UA-126V was picked up on an unidentified planet at Star 188 in the Erebus Nebula. From there, it is unclear what happened exactly, but it seems that it was suppose to have been brought back to a research facility, however this never occurred, and for whatever reason, the ship went to the Capital planet of the Uboathi. Shortly after, records seem to halt, indicating that the Uboathi were wiped out from the galaxy.

942 years ago another race would pick up a specimen of the UA-126V. This species, still unidentified, studied UA-126V. While nearly nothing of their records are left over, a single facility detailing a rudimentary life cycle of UA-126V exists.  It was concluded by this species that UA-126V appears to be some sort of hive-mind race with a collective goal.

The first stage of life of UA-126V seems to begin as arachnid like creature, with eight legs, a head, and an abdomen. Little more information is provided, however speculation would seem to indicate that this form is not meant to grow any further past its stage, as they appear to have a single job. Documents pieced together state that this level is meant to find a host to reproduce. It is unclear what this exactly entails. 


Little is known about the second stage of life. It is unclear where this form actually comes form, but it is though that this form is the form in which a fully matured UA-126V grows from. This form is known to be about one foot long and six inches wide, and appears to be mostly defenseless. No other information is known.

Stage 3 of a UA-126V's life cycle is extremely interesting, as it is the only form that seems to take characteristics of intelligent life forms. It is unclear why this stage is induced in this matter, as the small stage 2 grows to six feet tall, typically two hundred pounds. Reports seem to state that this state is extremely hostile, and almost manipulative. 


Stage 4 of a UA-126V's life cycle takes a quick turn from Stage 3. Growing new arms and legs, this form much resembles its infancy stage in Stage 2, however, this form is clearly incredibly powerful, agile, and dangerous. Estimations put Stage 4 at eight feet tall, with the ability to stand to ten-eleven feet if standing as tall as it can. It weighs around five hundred to six hundred pounds in this state. 

Stage 5 of UA-126V was deemed a complete threat to all life in the galaxy by the previous researchers. Upon the discovery of this stage, the specimen in holding was to be killed, however, records show that somewhere during this process, something went wrong. No records exist after this, and the unknown race vanishes. Little information exists, even the one that does seems to be recorded in a panic. Stage 5 of UA-126V appears to be ten-eleven feet tall, potentially fifteen to sixteen feet tall if standing as tall as it can. Estimates put this creature at 900-1,000 pounds. It seems to grow more arms and legs, now having extremely sharp ends at their legs and four arms dedicated to tearing and ripping anything it can. They appear to have beyond comprehensible strength. They seem highly resilient to most forms of attack.


There appears to be a rumor to a Stage 6, however this appears to be less of a stage and rather a particular strain inside of a UA-126V that allows it to become a 'King'. While no records of this exists, rumors within documents appear to elude to this. It is unclear what this 'King' is capable of, or what its role is, if it even exists.

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