Admiral Hackett Replaced

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Admiral Hackett Replaced

Post by Mister Vasili on Fri Mar 03, 2017 6:39 pm

"A groundbreaking event within the Alliance Navy as Admiral Hackett was removed as the Admiral of the Fleets. Many factors attributed to his removal including an overtime in service, lack of cooperation with parliament. It's said, however that the dealbreaker was the fact that Hackett neglected to inform the Alliance Parliament and the Citadel Council of the fact that Commander Greene had made contact with an important threatening figurehead. The same event that declared Greene and his men enemies of the state. Admiral Hackett was reluctant to step down but nonetheless was bound by his duty to do so. His next command is unknown as of now provided he chooses to remain in service."

"To be replacing Hackett as the Admiral of the Fleets is Admiral Wilhulf Harrel. Harrel served as an Admiral in the Reaper war, commanding ground troops in North America where he earned the support of multiple Alliance officials in the line of succession. Admiral Harrel continued to serve through the Leviathan conflict and beyond, he had recently been commanding the Seventh Fleet against the Attican Rebels. Admiral Harrel is also known to be good friends with Phazon Corporate CEO "Majestic Max" who had been supporting his Fleets reforms through funding. As Max has recently pledged support against Commander Greene, Admiral Harrel has been open to the proposition. His first act as Admiral is a task force of manpower almost completely made up of Phazon personnel supported by Alliance military Ships and Material services."

"A quote by Admiral Harrel explains his first act as Fleet Admiral well; "Why risk the lives of Alliance Marines when we have these brave Phazon Troops? Those former Cerberus Soldiers have a lot to make up for and this is a perfect chance for them to do so. Commander Greene is a serious threat and we're certainly equipped to deal with him."
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