Lady Ceterinthe

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Lady Ceterinthe

Post by mia_the_human on Tue Feb 28, 2017 2:16 pm

Position: Lead Astute and Lady of the Ethereal
Age: 110 human years
Race: Dove Haura
Years in Power: 37 human years
Traits: Elegant, knowledgeable, powerful
Faults: Cold, greedy, impressionable
Ideals: Patriotism, militarism, conservative
Goals: Maintain strong patriotism among her citizens, increase military power, expand her lands, colonizing areas with important resources, spreading knowledge on haurasism among her people

Short bio: Ceterinthe was born to two successful parents; Amadeis, a geneticist who focused around modern-day Haurasism, and Polin, a famous Brachet dancer, a kind of dancing that is similar to ballet, however incorporates short bursts of flight. She was raised as a dancer, however her father’s skill in logical arts would eventually prove to be what got her into politics when her first speech in front of a large audience cited her father as the source of her interests.


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