The Olukore Umkhosi

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The Olukore Umkhosi

Post by Scout on Mon Feb 27, 2017 12:36 am

(Arglack's Faction)

Faction Name:  The Olukore Umkhosi
Faction Race(s): The Olukore
Sector locations: Aurora’s Cradle, Sector 33
Relevant planets and bodies:
Lurra  (Capital) Located in the Cahrora System
● Hasiera (Sector Capital) Located in the Yrelyra System
● Ikhaya (Colonial World) Located in the Yrelyra System

Leader's name(s): Zrixarah
Government type: Hegemonic Monarchy
Population: 16,612,922,361
Faction Traits: Resilient, Very Strong
Faction Faults: Repugnant, Naive
Faction Ideals: Fanatic militarist, Expansionist
Faction History: TBA
Faction Culture: TBA

Image of a Olukorian

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