Supreme Matriarch Mar'Shan Ur'Syreen

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Supreme Matriarch Mar'Shan Ur'Syreen

Post by Peppuh on Sun Feb 26, 2017 8:14 pm

Supreme Matriarch Mar'Shan Ur'Syreen

Supreme Matriarch of the United Pride

Supreme Matriarch Mar'Shan Ur'Syreen standing before a map of purposed Pride expansion for a photoshoot
Position: Supreme Matriarch of the United Pride
Full Title: Supreme Matriarch Mar'Shan Ur'Syreen, Queen of all Usima and Great Unifer, Matriarch of the Syreen Pride
Age: 38
Race: Usima
Years in Power: 20
Traits: Intelligent, Charismatic, Peaceful
Faults: Stress, Anxiety, Emotional
Ideals: Fanatic Pacifist, Fanatic Xenophile
Goals: Spread peace on a galactic scale

Short Bio: Doing it later because I'm too busy doing your mom WOOOOOOO

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