Space ships, fleets, battlegroups, and all other information.

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Space ships, fleets, battlegroups, and all other information.

Post by Scout on Sun Feb 26, 2017 3:13 pm

A core aspect of the tier involves ships, how they operate, how they fight and how they're managed. Here, we will outline as many things as we can to allow you to build your own fleets, unique to your race, with sensible stats, roles, and capabilities. This topic may seem long, but that is because a lot of the writing is examples, to clarify as much as possible.

First, we will take about ship classes.


Ships, universally, can be broken down into six tiers that will give a basic idea of it's size.  From largest to smallest:

Tier 1 - Largest ships in the galaxy, typically have 500 or above Hull (may vary with shielding) with 6 slots for both armor and weapons. Typically have 5 special slots.
Tier 2- Next largest class of ship, typically have about 200-300 Hull (may vary with shielding) with 5 slots for both weapons and armor, and 3 special slots.
Tier 3 - The middle size class of ship, typically have about 100-150 Hull (may vary with shielding) with 4 slots for both weapons and armor, two special slots.
Tier 4 - The third smallest class of ship, typically have about 65-90 Hull (may vary with shielding) with 3 slots for both weapon and armor, one special slot.
Tier 5 - The second smallest class of ship, typically have about 45-64 Hull (may vary with shielding) with 2 slots for both weapons and armor, no special slots.
Tier 6 - The smallest class of space-faring ship, these are typically limited to bombers, fighters, and civilian line ships, they have from 5-25 hull with 1 slot for weapon and armor, and 1 special slot, however this slot is limited to scanners and other non-combative modules.

Now that we have the ship classes lined out, we should talk about creating your fleet.

Your fleet should be created with a Fleet Doctrine in mind. A Fleet Doctrine outlines the core believes behind your military organization. You may find that smaller, mobile ships do you better than having larger ships. You may want to bring as much firepower as you can to the enemy, or you may want to instead rely on surrounding your enemy, you may want to rely on pin-point accurate weaponry to target a ships systems instead of destroying the hull outright, whatever you believe may be best for your fleet, you should build your fleet around this combative concept you've developed. (If you need help, staff will be more than happy to do so.)


Every faction will have a dockyard. This will outline specifics of a ship, showing it's appearance, it's stats, and everything else related to it. You can look to the UHS Dockyard as an example.

An admin will help you organize and finalize your dockyard, we encourage you to not post it until it has staff approval.


You'll have to post all your fleets and their composition in a topic. This may seem like a lot, but this is why a Fleet Doctrine comes in handy. Once you have a fleet set up, you should be able to copy and paste the fleet, since they follow the same doctrine. Perhaps a few changes may be needed for specific fleets with other duties, but that is up to the player entirely. You will have to organize the ships inside of your fleets into battlegroups, these battlegroups will illustrate how a fleet engages. You will not have a single ship firing at once, but instead, have a battlegroup firing.

You can however, choose for a battlegroup to engage multiple targets, however the entire battlegroup (if they can) must fire. 

Here's an example of an action:

The 3rd Battlegroup turns to engage the incoming enemy fleet. All ships within the battlegroup focus their fire onto the enemy Cruiser in their 2nd Battlegroup.

Here's an example of an action where ships engage different targets.

The 3rd Battlegroup turns to engage the incoming enemy fleet. Two cruisers within the 3rd Battlegroup fire onto the enemy Cruiser in their 2nd Battlegroup. The Destroyer within the 3rd fires at a Frigate in the 2nd Battlegroup.


Battles are engaged by battlegroups, as stated before. There are a few rules to setting up a battle.

● A Staff member must be present.
● A Staff member must create the first post.
● There is no re-dos or voids. Type what you mean to type. If you are unclear about something, ask a staff member or the opposite player.

When a battle is to be engaged, it will be taken to the Space Combat part of the forums. A new topic will be made with the name of the engagement in it. When it starts, a Staff member will write a topic that clearly explains what fleets are engaging each other, with the battlegroups they are organized into. Each battlegroup will clearly have defined ships within it. For additional ease of gameplay, the staff member will write out stats of every ship. How much damage it does, it's hull strength, its shields if any are present, special slots it has, crew/soldiers onboard, everything for the player will be listed in detail.

When all battles begin, a 'Frenzy' turn will initiate. This is when an enemy fleet jumps in and begins to instantly target the enemy mass infront of them. With both sides firing wildly at the beginning of an engagements, both sides will roll. If one person wins the roll slightly, it will damage the enemy team's smallest ship by half it's hull/shield points. If one person wins a roll by more than 30 points, the enemy's smallest ship from a random battlegroup will be destroyed.

From here, a coin toss will be done by the Staff member, whoever wins can have the first turn of the engagement.

This is where the winner of the coin toss moves in and does his first actions. You are allowed to use every single battlegroup in your first action. However, every battlegroup CAN ONLY DO ONE ACTION! For example:

Player 1 has one fleet consisting of two battlegroups. For this example, the ships within the battlegroups do not matter. After winning the coin toss, Player 1 starts his first action.

After taking damage from the volley of heavy initial fire, the fleet quickly moves in to deal damage to their enemies. The First Battlegroup shifts its guns, firing at the enemy's First Battlegroup, the two cruisers engaging the enemy's two cruisers, and the Destroyer engaging the enemy Frigate. The Second Battlegroup two cruisers engage the enemy's two cruisers in their Second Battlegroup. The Destroyer from the Second Battlegroup deploys its two bomber squadrons and sends them towards the Destroyer in the enemy's First Battlegroup, hoping to chip away at its shields.

Then, rolls begin in chronological order. Whatever action you typed first, a roll is assigned to it. That means for Player 1, he would have to roll four times. One for his two cruisers firing, another for his Destroyer firing, another for his Second Battlegroup firing, and a third to see if his bombers can damage the Destroyer they are going after. If a roll is won, every ship is successful in its action under the roll. So for complete clarification, if Player 1 rolls four times and only wins his first roll, that means that his two cruisers were successful. Therefor, the two cruisers engage the opposite two cruisers successfully, yet the Destroyer was not successful due to it being under another roll.

It may seem complicated, but it's really pretty simple. 


Ships do not fight in one to one combat, that would take forever. To save time, we have come up with the concepts of Battlegroups, where a group of ships fight as a single unit. Battlegroups must have at least three ships in them, and can have up to eight ships. You can organize a battlegroup however you like, however you should build it reflective of your fleet's doctrine. Battlegroups will have a collective stat for damage, so if you fire your entire battlegroup, you'll quickly know how much damage is done. However, each ship is still individual, therefor health and shields are counted separately. 

While you can have your entire battlegroup fire at one ship, you can have every single one of your ships fire at a different enemy ship, if you so choose. 


There are three categories of weapons 

● Missile
● Kinetic
● Beam
● Flechette
● Plasma
● Ion
● Light
● Biochemical

Missile based weapons include rockets, missiles, nuclear warheads, and torpedoes. These weapons are highly accurate and can be relatively quickly. They do low shield damage but high hull damage. Missiles have a bonus for accuracy, but can be shot down.

Kinetic based weapons include guns and railguns. These weapons do high shield damage and average hull damage. These weapons, unlike others, can become incredibly powerful and cause massive damage. They have no accuracy bonus.

Beam based weapons include lasers. These weapons do very high shield damage and low-average hull damage. These weapons have a high accuracy bonus.

Flechette based weapons are unique weapons that fire small projectiles very quickly in short bursts. These projectiles can stick into shields and hull. They inflict very, very low damage, however, on the next action of the player who fired it, the projectiles will explode, causing high hull damage and average shield damage.

Plasma based weapons include any super-heated weapon. These weapons are very inaccurate, but when they hit, they can melt shields and melt hull, causing large amount of damage for both of them.

Ion based weapons are weapons that are electrical based. These weapons hard-target all systems across an enemy vessel, shutting down the ship temporarily until a complete shutdown is activated. These do unbelievable damage to shields, however, they cannot do damage to the Hull of a ship. IF you choose this weapon base, you must have marines onboard your vessels to board the ship and capture remaining crew -- or having a wing of bombers and fighters onboard to pick away at the disabled vessels. (This weapon class is a prototype and will require testing before it's verified)

Light based weapons use a concept known as Hard Light. Hard light captures powerful rays of light and turn them into a completely solid base. Moving at light speed, this incredible weapon utilizes both kinetic and beam energy. Light based weapons are some of the strongest in the known galaxy, doing large amounts of damage to hull and shields, due to it's dual persona. However, these weapons are extremely power-taxing. All ships require a cooldown after firing, with larger ships, such as Dreadnoughts, needing up to 4 turns to fire again. Strategically it can be used effectively, not to mention that these weapons have an accuracy bonus of +25. (This weapon class is a prototype and will require testing before it's verified)

Biochemical based weapons do not target the ship itself, but instead, the crew inside. Biochemical weapons come with "sister" weapons that allow the bio weapon to get inside of the ship. The first sister weapon is some sort of weapon to by pass shields, typically along the lines of an arc emitter. Once the shields are down, a drill type weapon is fired at the hostile ship, creating just a large enough breach for the blast of the bio weapon to hit the ship and force its way in, killing the entirety of the crew within minutes. (This weapon class is a prototype and will require testing before it's verified)


You may board enemy ships, yet the ship must be disabled, and you must have soldiers on board your ship in order to successfully board. If the enemy ship has soldiers, a roll will be conducted to see if the boarding was successful. Modifiers may be placed on each roll, depending on the race's traits, faults, and the specific situation. This will be done by a Staff member. 

More specific information on this later.


When a player rolls, it will probably post under my (Scout) account. So when you roll, it'll seem like I just posted for you. But the Forum actually just posts the roll under my account, therefor players cannot edit their rolls and cheat.


You must post a REPLY to a topic, you cannot use the quick reply which is just the white box sitting at the bottom of the topic. You must hit the POST REPLY topic. While the title does not matter and can be left blank, you should just put "Move 1" or something in there, and just modify it as it goes. In the main box, you can type your action. After that, underneath the 'Send' button, there is a small thing called 'DICES ROLL' . There, you must hit the little black drop-down box and select the second option, which should be 'Space Tier'. Then, you can modify the number of dices rolled by just changing the number inside the white box next to it. If the number is set to '1', one dice will be rolled. If the number is three, 3 dices will be rolled. For Space Combat, dices roll out of 100.

The message should appear something like this:

The member 'Faggot' has done the following action : Dices roll

'Space Tier' : 56

Obviously, where it says 'Space Tier': 56 - that is what you rolled.

This may be updated with more information but this should cover the generals. Please ask a staff member if you have any other questions.

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