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Ira Poulson

Post by blissey on Sun Feb 26, 2017 1:13 am

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> Glenn Brazier (KIA)
> Mandel Hesseltine (MIA)
> Ira Poulson <

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>Name: Ira Poulson
>Alias: N/A
>Age: 28
>Occupation: Former University Student, Former Freight Pilot, Serves as a Private on the Constantinople.
>Physical Description: Striking, short fair hair. Pale white skin. Deep blue eyes. Athletic figure.
>Picture Reference:

>Date of Birth: April 19th 2162
>Date of Death: #####
>Place of Birth: Earth, London
>Last known place of Residence: Horizon
>Qualifications: > Retrieving List <
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Bachelor of Science in Physics (Astrology, Scientific Instrumentation) and Data Science (Information technology and data communication)
Masters in Aeronautics and Astrophysics
Basic Alliance Cadet training
Former long haul freight pilot

>Biography Synopsis: Born and raised in London, Ira Poulson was an excelling student in Cambridge university before being evacuated from London to Horizon during the brink of the Reaper’s invasion. Ira Poulson continued her life after the loss of her Mother and Brother during the invasion, and worked as a Freight Pilot for a local food distribution agency. After the war, Poulson returned to England to complete her studies where she later enlisted as a Cadet in the Alliance, she now awaits enlistment to a research ship.

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