Highlord Qruikyxl

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Highlord Qruikyxl

Post by Lapis on Sat Feb 25, 2017 4:56 pm


Highlord of the Vyssymsae Ascendancy

Qruikyxl in the Highlord's Reach on Vyss III. Note his few remaining biological parts.

Position: Highlord of the Vyssymsae Ascendancy
Age: 509
Race: Vyssymsae
Years in Power: 502
Traits: Ambitious, Resilient, Intelligent
Faults: Stubborn, requires life support, Decadent
Ideals: Collectivist, Xenophilic, Militarist
Goals: Expand the Ascendancy to a large Empire and gather as much knowledge for future use and application as possible.

Short Bio: Born during the much hated stagnation of the Ascendancy in 1633, Qruikyxl was born, as most Vyssymsae are, from a donating warrior and a studious female. After reaching mental, physical and sexual maturity at the age of 7, Qruikyxl began his studies into the fields of cybernetic enhancement, which, at the time, were spread few and far between and had many faults. His glory in the field led him to be named successor of the ailing Highlord Alarak, who then died two years later. Qruikyxl became known as the youngest Highlord to ever take power at the age of 9. He has led an extraordinarily long life, thought to be in part by most of his body being replaced by cybernetics. He led his people out of the much-feared and hate stagnation of advancement into extreme expansion and research.

The first year in power for Qruikyxl went relatively smoothly, but much to the entire Ascendancy's chagrin, little advancement. After this first year, development slingshotted. Advancements in cybernetics, advanced robotics, physics, and energy-based weaponry all erupted in the years following. The Reaver and Stalker Corps are all overseen personally by Qruikyxl, and as such are fiercely loyal and willing to die or be destroyed on his orders without a second thought.

Now, the oldest Vyssymsae in existence, and to ever exist, Qruikyxl is rarely seen outside of the Highlord's Reach, but will engage in communications with others, including other species' leaders, if the chance arises.

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