Krogan Dreadnought spotted over Galakor II

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Krogan Dreadnought spotted over Galakor II

Post by Mister Vasili on Sat Feb 25, 2017 4:08 pm

...In other news, a Krogan -Dreadnought- class vessel was seen exiting Galakor II's atmosphere. The Dreadnought emerged from a long mined shaft on the planets surface, a bold move by the Separatists building a vessel underground but it seems to have payed off. Loyalist ground forces were struck hard, being forced to retreat from an offensive and several transport ships and corvettes were destroyed by the Dreadnought as it left the system. This event has shocked the community of Council races, seeing a Krogan vessel capable of dwarfing their own. We have former political and war correspondent and Space Vessel designer, Simon Ovstrosky to provide professional insight, over to you, Simon.

*The feed cuts to a man in glasses with a rough five o' clock shadow sitting in a room, the backdrop of Seattle in the background*

"This, this, massive weapon- or excuse me, vessel but really more of a means to larger scale op-op-operations is a real game changer for this-this previously seemingly small scale uhmmm, conflict. Clearly the Loyalists have nothing to compete with and it's really only a matter of time till they ask for help and-and I mean...Who's not? I mean, this dreadnought, it's 50 percent bigger than an average dreadnought. This thing has a massive cannon, four more front facing cruiser guns and twenty broadside cannons on each side. The more damage it's gonna do, the more, more, uh, more likely it is for say the Salarians or even the Turians who were helped by the Krogan in the Reaper war, to intervene. And if the rebels can build one, then how many more can they build? How many forces would the council commit in these turbulent times, you know? Lot's, lot's of questions here, really no way to know...For sure.

*The man stares at the camera and the feed cuts back to the news anchor*

Well, thank you Simon, it looks like this development has made the Krogan civil war a galactic issue in one way or another...Alliance officials being occupied with the secession's have no comment to make.

View of the Dreadnought from the camera of a heavily damaged Loyalist Corvette
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