Lord Militant Joseph Kozlov

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Lord Militant Joseph Kozlov

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Lord Militant of UHS Military Forces

Position: Emperor of the United Human Systems
Age: 67
Race: Ukrainian-American
Years in Power: 20
Ideals: MacArthurist, Conservative
Goals: Maintain a strong UHS Military, prevent wars and catastrophe. Ensure military success under a young emperor, create a stronger human unity.

Short Bio: Kozlov was born in the year 2079 to an American Father and Ukrainian mother while Humanity was still engulfed in the great war against the Galakorians. Kozlov's father was a military special operations officer who saw very little of his family. Growing up, Joseph was usually in the care of his mother, he always looked up to military figures and spent much of his teenage years studying military tactics, formations and organizations. When he turned 17, his father was able to get him into a military academy, where he spent three years being educated and trained as an officer.

Kozlov, age 20 wearing Walker Crewman NOMEX Coveralls

It was in the year 2099, the same year that the dreadnought was developed that Kozlov as a young officer entered the war. Humanity was now on the offensive with their newest behemoth, cutting through enemy ships and shields. Kozlov's first assignment was a Walker Platoon Leader on the planet Demeter where the led four walkers and attached infantry against the enemy, their firepower obliterating the opposition. Kozlov's time as an officer began and continued with success as the tide of war turned in favor of humanity. After two years of fighting on Demeter, Kozlov was promoted to First Lieutenant.

After his campaign on Demeter, Kozlov's father had him transferred to a Commando unit under his command, the first generation of elite UHS warriors that would later become the Imperial Vanguard. Kozlov underwent months of intensive training before he was ready to deploy on his first mission leading a Commando team. Kozlov fought for years on several planets earning recognition and respect as a Small Unit commander. By the year 2104 he made Captain at the young age of 25 with Five years of experience. Kozlov was one of the officers selected to lead a commando unit on a daring mission to capture an enemy vessel.

By 2104, the Humans had developed an Electronic Countermeasure to disable an enemies ability to self destruct when damaged. A mission was launched, an enemy vessel was crippled and several boarding teams captured the enemy ship. Kozlov lead a team responsible for capturing the vessels bridge, his actions here, like all the other involved are still remembered as heroic legend to this day.

This Action earned Kozlov an early promotion to Major, he was assigned to be an Executive Officer to an Air Cavalry Battalion during the invasion of the Galakorian Homeworld. 10,304,000 troops were deployed to the Galakorian homeworld, invading and destroying almost every square mile of the planet. Kozlov served in his position throughout the entire six months.

Major Kozlov on Galakor

The war was over, peace was finally achieved but Kozlov elected to remain in the military, making it a career. Over the next 16 years, Kozlov climbed the ranks of the UHS Army. Kozlov had become a Major General, commanding his own Division. He completely supported the UHS becoming a ruling power, knowing that a unified humanity is for the greater good. Kozlov intended to climb to the top of the military ladder and maneuvered well politically after securing a marriage with a Roman woman of high status. Kozlov's petition to enter the Imperator Academy was accepted and he studied for a year to effectively command Naval and Ground forces. Kozlov graduated at the top of his class being much older and having real experience from the Galakorian war.

By 2123, Kozlov became the Marshal-Imperator of the Imperial Vanguard. He effectively reformed the Vanguard, incorporating them into Intelligence Agencies, Army and Navy units and laying the plans for Fort Eagle, the finest training grounds within the Imperium. Most notably, Kozlov reformed the Praetorian Companies safeguarding the Emperor which would later save his life from Nationalist Extremists. This action would turn the attention of the Emperor toward Kozlov and three years later in the year 2126, Kozlov was appointed Lord Militant.

Lord Militant Joseph Kozlov during an inspection in Castus Dock.

Kozlov, having served now for 20 years is a military expert and an expert in his own position. He advocated peace and unity for the UHS, supporting the central leadership, the Emperor greatly. The Imperium is the ultimate key to a united Human race and he commands his forces for the honor of this goal.
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