Emperor Iyano of the Em'pieaar [ To be moved ]

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Emperor Iyano of the Em'pieaar [ To be moved ]

Post by Revival on Sat Feb 25, 2017 12:07 pm

An Image of Emperor Iyano

Position: Emperor/Supreme Ruler of the Tánglácorian
Age: 23
Race: Tánglácorian, Clan House of Em'Pieaar
Years in Power: 3
Traits: Passionate Combative, Strong, Intelligent
Faults: Non-Charismatic, Quick-Tempered
Ideals: Expansionist, Fanatical Xenophobe
Goals: To expand the power of the Tánglácorian species, with no care for the other species

History: Emperor Iyano was born in the year 2019, and was quick to rise above his cousins. Known to always be thinking about his next moves hours in advance. In the Reaping, when he was in the military. He did not fight, save for those who attempted to kill him. Instead he opted for a 'beta-fish' tactic. letting them duke it out, then taking on the weakened enemies. Even if those who did try killing them, he was always more quick, more agile, and stronger than them. As a child, he fought hard, and soon became ahead his younger brethren. And turned into the next in line for the throne after killing his older brother Yino during the reaping.


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