Emperor Marcus Augustus

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Emperor Marcus Augustus

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Emperor of the United Human Systems

Marcus Augustus on Astrica, overlooking a city.

Position: Emperor of the United Human Systems
Age: 21
Race: Roman
Years in Power: 1
Traits: Ambitious, Charismatic, Intelligent
Faults: Naive, stubborn, little experience
Ideals: Expansionist, Xenophobic, Fanatic Militarist
Goals: Hold onto position of Emperor for as long as possible. Expand the UHS outside of the star cluster. Gain favor among humanity and its military.

Short Bio: Marcus Lincinus Augustus, born in the capital city of Rome in 2121, Marcus Augustus was son of the then ruling emperor of the UHS, Octavian Lincinus Augustus. Octavian ruled as the first Emperor of the UHS from 2108 to 2141 until his unexpected and sudden death due to a ravage disease that had gone unnoticed due to the Emperor's tendencies to ignoring his own needs. Winning the election of 2140, Octavian was set to rule another 8 years. However, his death would prevent this. In the UHS, if an Emperor dies before his term is up, it would go to whoever the Emperor named to be his successor. However, Octavian did not do this, nor did he get the chance to. Octavian was only 62 years old, and was expected to live much longer. Therefor, the power goes to an heir. This heir was his son, Marcus Lincinus Augustus.

Marcus, an aspiring military commander, was 20 when his father passed and he was named the heir. It was as sudden as his father's death. With no real experience or time to prepare, Marcus was thrown into the Imperial seat. 

Marcus Augustus, in traditional attire, addressing the United Representatives of Astrica (The URA) which advises the Emperor and leads local administrations.

The first year was rough, learning how to maneuver the political dynastic of the UHS, learning how to command a military, and learning everything else that comes with the role of Emperor of Humanity. Marcus used all the trusted assets he could to learn as much as he could.

Now, a year later, Marcus feels much more confident in his abilities, even if that confidence is misguided. Now, Marcus Augustus looks to gain the favor of the people and the military. While already relatively popular with the people, the military has yet to be impressed by his standards. As a Roman, Marcus feels that if he is not popular among the military, he has no chance of a long Imperial standing. Once his goals are achieved, Marcus has promised an expansion outside of the Star Cluster, an excitement to many and seen as dangerous to others. 

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